Valeria Borsotti

Valeria Borsotti


I am a PhD fellow researching equity and inclusion in computer science higher education.

My PhD project seeks to answer this question: How do sociotechnical infrastructures, data and socio-material artifacts shape the ways in which equity and inclusion are configured in Computer Science education? I am interested in understanding what are the challenges and opportunities to 1) broadening participation in CS education at DIKU, and 2) to creating and supporting an inclusive learning environment for students no matter what their genders or background.

I am a member of the Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) research group, and my research is part of the FemTech program directed by professor Pernille Bjørn. FemTech is a practice-based research programme that addresses the problem of how to facilitate inclusion in computing.

My research interests include interaction design, physical computing (especially anything involving electronic textiles, digital fabrication and biomaterials) cross-cultural differences in computing education and creative computing in out-of-schools settings.

You can find more information about previous projects I worked on here:

ID: 250640868