AI Pioneer Centre

The new pioneer centre for artificial intelligence research will be opening in Copenhagen at the end of 2021. The centre will conduct world-class artificial intelligence research focusing on societal challenges, people and design while putting Denmark at the international forefront.




The centre will be organized in a collaboratory structure, with seven collaboratories structured around an AI research theme with 2-3 PIs as well as PhD students and postdocs attached.

Collaboratory Co-lead / PI
💡 Cx - Causality and Explainability Jonas Peters, Professor, Department of Mathematical Science, UCPH
Aasa Feragen, Professor, DTU Compute
Ira Assent, Department of Computer Science, AU
🥽 Xr - Extended Reality Dan Witzner Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, ITU
Kasper Hornbæk, Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Hans Gellersen, Professor, Department of Computer Science, AU
🦜 Fg - Fine-Grained Analysis Mads Nielsen, Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Thomas Moeslund, Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, AAU
🎯 Lo - Learning Theory and Optimization Ole Winther, Department of Biology, UCPH
Christian Igel, Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
⚡️ Sd - Signals and Decoding

Lars Kai Hansen, Professor, DTU Orbit
Zheng-Hua Tan, Professor, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU

💬 Sl - Speech and Language Barbara Plank, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, ITU
Anders Søgaard, Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
🔗 Ng - Networks and Graphs Sune Lehmann Jørgensen, Professor, DTU Orbit
David Dreyer Lassen, Professor, Copenhagen Center for Social Data (SODAS), UCPH














  • Where is the center located?
    • The center’s headquarters are located at the University of Copenhagen Observatory. The center also comprises researchers working remotely across the five participating universities.
    • Headquarters address: Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Nearest train station: Nørreport
  • How is the center organized?
    • The center is organized into seven collaboratories, led by PIs from the participating universities, focusing on different themes within the field of AI, and targeting ten societal challenges (listed above).
  • What type of research is conducted at the center?
    • The center is focused on basic research in AI including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.
  • What are some examples of collaboratory research themes?
    • Causality & Explainability: Interpretable AI, Patient Trajectories, Fairness, Bias, Pandemic Prediction
    • Extended Reality: AR/VR, Human-Centred Computing, Hand Tracking, Active Illumination, 3D Reconstruction, Simulation Environments, Synthetic Data, Accessibility
    • Fine-Grained Analysis: Species Identification, Medical Diagnosis, Anomaly Detection, Computational Pathology, Arts & Culture Informatics
    • Learning Theory & Optimization: Algorithms & Architectures, Reinforcement Learning, Operations Research, Transportation Problems, Optimal Control
    • Signals & Decoding: Telemedicine, Remote Sensing, Eye Tracking, Neuroscience, Brain Decoding, Environmental Monitoring, Biometrics, Egocentric Sensing, Consciousness
    • Speech & Language: Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Misinformation Detection, Automated Translation, Predictive Models, Electronic Medical Records
    • Networks & Graphs: Social Data Science, Federated Learning, Privacy- Preserving Contact Tracing, Mobility Analytics
  • How do I become a member of the center?
    • Membership application process: awaiting launch of the centre  
    • For the time being, please fill in this form to express your interest and you will be contacted about the application process after the launch of the centre
  • How do I apply to study at the center?
    • PhD & Postdoc
      • PhD students at the Pioneer Center are admitted through the PhD admissions processes of the affiliated universities. A PhD student is affiliated with the Pioneer Center when their thesis advisor is affiliated with the Pioneer Center. 
      • Prospective Postdocs are encouraged to contact center co-leads directly re: postdoc opportunities.
      • A central PhD & Postdoc application is currently under construction.
    • MSc, BSc, Visiting Researcher & Intern
      • To appear on the center’s job opportunities page late 2021
  • How can my startup company, nonprofit, or governmental agency engage with the center?
    • Under construction while we constitute our external engagement committee
    • In the meantime, contact
  • What computational resources are available to center researchers?
    • To appear late 2021 
  • How can industry sponsor and/or participate in center activities?
    • Under construction 
    • In the meantime, contact
  • Who do I contact if I have a question not answered here?
    • Questions specific to research area: contact the co-lead(s) of the related collaboratory 
    • General questions: