DS talk by Jens Gudmundsson: Enabling reciprocity through blockchain design

Join us online as Jens Gudmundsson from Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen will give a Decentralized Systems Seminar Talk on how to enable reciprocity through blockchain design


We introduce a reciprocity protocol, an innovative approach to coordinating and sharing rewards in blockchains. Inherently decentralized and easy to implement, it puts emphasis on incentives rather than forcing specific sharing rules from the outset. Analyzing the non-cooperative game the protocol induces, we identify a robust, strict, and Pareto-dominant symmetric equilibrium. In it, even self-centered participants show extensive reciprocity to one another. Thus, despite a setting that is generally unfavorable to reciprocal behavior, the protocol manages to build trust between the users by taking on a role akin to a social contract. Read the working paper here.


Jens Gudmundsson is a Postdoc at the Center for Blockchains and Electronic Markets (BCM) with a PhD in Economics on matching theory from Lund University in 2015. View his bio here.


All are welcome. No registration required. The talk is held on Zoom. To join, please click here.

Host: Fritz Henglein (DIKU, University of Copenhagen)