For external examiners

Please be aware of the rules on the possibility of working as an external examiner at the universities, cf. Ministerial Order No. 22 of 09/01/2020, section 53. To put it briefly, the rule states that you may not act as an external examiner if you are or have been employed at the university in question within the past two years.

External examiners must be part of The Corps of External examiners for Computer Science.

All forms must be sent to

Go to; Registration as an external examiner - Forms for external examiners  – Travel expenses and outlaysNorms for remuneration of external examiners

Registration as an external examiner

Forms for external examiners

External examiners at the Department of Computer Science must complete the form "External examiner's assessment of the exam". The chair of the external examiners has produced the form.

All external examiners at the Department of Computer Science must complete the form "grading/examination/assessment".

Make sure to fill out your social security number (CPR). This part must always be completed. Foreign examiners without a Danish social security number must state their date of birth.

You must remember to state the date of the exam and the title of the course.

In the case of written exams, external examiners must state whether the assessment consists of a bachelor's project, a master's project, a thesis, or an exam assignment on a course. For the thesis, the name and social security number of the students must be stated as well as the amount of ECTS points. The number of students assessed is stated in the "Number" box. For oral exams, external examiners must state the title of the course in which the exam was held as well as the number of ECTS points.

In addition, the number of assessed students must be stated. The Department of Computer Science is responsible for the external examiner's fee based on the salary application form as well as the grade list or examination protocol. The fee will not be specified until the Department of Computer Science has received a correctly completed application form, a signed examination protocol or grade list, and a completed evaluation form.

Travel expenses and outlays

External examiners with travel expenses related to an oral exam must send a readable PDF consisting of each receipt scanned to

Hotel: For overnight stays, they must comply with the State Hotel allowance, which is DKK 1,000.00 for an overnight stay in Denmark.

Flight: Contact in good time before the exam for assistance booking a flight. The flight must be booked via CWT. Remember to save boarding passes, which must be sent to along with other travel expenses.

Taxis: Taxis can be used by external examiners if the use of public transport prevents them from reasonably meeting their needs. As a general rule, there must always be made use of the University of Copenhagen's taxi deal: Dan Taxi 4x48. The taxi receipt must be attached, and the addresses from and to must be stated.

Norms for remuneration of external examiners

Exam Remuneration of external examiners per exam
1 Thesis (30 ECTS) 6 hours (5 hours + 1 hour for defence)
2 Thesis (45 ECTS) 7 hours (6 hours + 1 hour for defence)
3 Thesis (60 ECTS) 8 hours (7 hours + 1 hour for defence)
Bachelor's projects
3 hours + 45 minutes (3 hours for project + 45 minutes for defence)
5 Oral exams

2 hours for preparation + planned time for the exam including evaluation (15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes).
Full pay for those absent on the day

6 Written exam:
5 hours
5 hours for preparation + 25 minutes per paper submission
7 Written exam:
4 hours
4 hours for preparation + 20 minutes per paper submission
8 Written exam:
3 hours
3 hours for preparation + 15 minutes per paper submission
9 Written exam:
2 hours
2 hours for preparation + 10 minutes per paper submission
10 Written home assignment:
1-25 pages
1 hour
11 Written home assignment:
>25 pages
2 hours and 30 minutes

Oral exam + written assignment: 1-25 pages

Planned time for oral exam + 1 hour
13 Oral exam + written assignment: >25 pages Planned time for oral exam + 2 hours and 30 minutes

No separate norms have been drawn up for group exams, as the external examiners will be paid for the total number of assignments and any number of oral exams.


1 student = 1 assignment + 1 oral exam

3 students in a group = 1 assignment + 3 oral exams

For more information regarding salary instructions for external examiners, please contact