For external examiners

Be aware of the rules regarding the possibility of acting as an external examiner at universities (you may not act as an external examiner if you are or have been employed at the university in question within the last 2 years) and the requirement to submit a report on the examination process, cf. the Censor Order BEK nr 458 of 19/04/2022, §7.

External examiners must be part of The Corps of External examiners for Computer Science.

All questions must be sent to:

Go to: Registration as an external examiner - External examiner's assessment of the exam – Censor remunerationTravel expenses and outlaysNorms for remuneration of external examiners

Registration as an external examiner (if you are a new external examiner at DIKU)

Register to become external an examiner through this form

External examiner's assessment of the exam (report on the exam process)

External examiners at the Department of Computer Science must complete the form "External examiner's assessment of the exam - evaluation form". The chair of the external examiners has produced the form.

    External examiner remuneration

    New from the academic year 2023-2024

    The Examination Administration sends your external examiner remuneration for payment when the grade has been reported in Digital Exam. It is therefore no longer necessary to submit timesheets. Payment is made according to the applicable norms listed below. See the current rate (requires login to KUnet).

    It can take up to 1.5 months before the external examiner fee is paid to your NemKonto. You will receive a payslip from the Danish Agency for Modernization and we strive to ensure that the text on the payslip is as accurate as possible.

    If you have any questions about the payslip or if you find it incorrect, please contact

    Travel expenses and outlays

    Examiners at the Department of Computer Science who have incurred travel expenses in connection with the organization of an oral exam must send a readable PDF with a scan of each receipt to Hourly and daily allowances are paid if the exam and thus also the travel expenses extend over several days. See hourly and daily allowances below.

    Hotel: Overnight stays must comply with the government's hotel allowance amount. For overnight stays in Denmark, the amount is DKK 1,448.
    Climate considerations: Always remember climate consideration. Choose e.g. bus and train over airplane, as long as it can be done with a reasonable additional cost in time and expenses.
    Flight: Contact well in advance of the exam for help with booking flights. The flight must be booked via CWT. Remember to save your boarding pass, which must be sent to in connection with other travel expenses.
    Taxi: Taxis can be used in special cases if the use of public transportation cannot cover the need in a reasonable way. As a rule, UCPH's taxi agreement - Dantaxi 4x48 - must always be used. A taxi voucher must be attached as a receipt, and the address from and to must be stated.
    Driving in your own car: Mileage allowance is paid at a low rate. Always state the car's registration number and the to and from address.
    Hourly and daily allowances: If you need to stay more than 24 hours if the oral exam extends over several days, hourly and daily allowances are paid. This covers:

    • all meals
    • local transportation at the destination
    • small necessities (e.g. snacks).

    Hourly and daily allowances are reduced if free meals are received (e.g. breakfast at a hotel/lunch paid for by DIKU). This must always be stated.

    Norms for remuneration of external examiners

    Exam Remuneration of external examiners per exam
    1 Thesis (30 ECTS) 6 hours (5 hours + 1 hour for defence)
    2 Thesis (45 ECTS) 7 hours (6 hours + 1 hour for defence)
    3 Thesis (60 ECTS) 8 hours (7 hours + 1 hour for defence)
    Bachelor's projects
    3 hours + 45 minutes (3 hours for project + 45 minutes for defence)
    5 Oral exams

    2 hours for preparation + planned time for the exam including evaluation (15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes).
    Full pay for those absent on the day

    6 Written exam:
    5 hours
    5 hours for preparation + 25 minutes per paper submission
    7 Written exam:
    4 hours
    4 hours for preparation + 20 minutes per paper submission
    8 Written exam:
    3 hours
    3 hours for preparation + 15 minutes per paper submission
    9 Written exam:
    2 hours
    2 hours for preparation + 10 minutes per paper submission
    10 Written home assignment:
    1-25 pages
    1 hour
    11 Written home assignment:
    >25 pages
    2 hours and 30 minutes

    Oral exam + written assignment: 1-25 pages

    Planned time for oral exam + 1 hour
    13 Oral exam + written assignment: >25 pages Planned time for oral exam + 2 hours and 30 minutes

    No separate norms have been drawn up for group exams, as the external examiners will be paid for the total number of assignments and any number of oral exams.


    1 student = 1 assignment + 1 oral exam

    3 students in a group = 1 assignment + 3 oral exams

    For more information regarding salary instructions for external examiners, please contact