Diversity and Inclusion

To ph.d.-studerende, der taler sammen
At the Department of Computer Science, we are constantly working to ensure a diverse and inclusive study and work environment. Photo: Daniel Urhøj.

An inclusive and diverse university environment

At the Department of Computer Science (DIKU), we believe that a more equal, diverse, and inclusive university not only helps our society move in a brighter and forward-looking direction, but also creates new opportunities for new perspectives and experiences for students. For this reason, we have a strong focus on ensuring equality, diversity, and inclusion within all aspects of DIKU's study and work environment. This is an important goal that we are constantly workinging on developing, in order to create the best possible framework for everyone – both staff and students.

Projects and initiatives

We have implemented several projects and initiatives aimed at ensuring a more diverse and inclusive daily life for DIKU's staff and students. Below, you can find the existing equality, diversity, and inclusion projects and initiatives. These include initiatives that focus on the inclusion of all minorities in IT, ensuring the highest possible accessibility for all, and enhancing cohesion among both staff and students.


Our initiative Inclusive DIKU represents an overall term for several projects dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity. Our goal is to attract and retain the most talented students and staff, reduce student dropouts, improve research efforts and increase job satisfaction.

Inclusive DIKU birthed many new initiatives and results, including:

  • Development of a Code of Conduct
  • Inclusion initiatives with focus on a good studystart
  • Courses for the administration and lectors with focus on inclusivity and prevention of offensive behaviour
  • More transparency and inclusion in student associations 
  • Guidelines for inclusive social events for workers
  • Discovering building accessibility and recommendations for improvements



It is important that everyone at the department treats each other with respect and empathy. That's why we have a Code of Conduct, which everyone must follow. These guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone feels included and equal.

Read the DIKU Code of Conduct here.



FemTech.dk is DIKU's practice-based research programme that aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the digital world. This is achieved through research, workshops, and events.

Read more about FemTech.dk here



CS4ALL is DIKU's community for women and other gender minorities in computer science. The goal is to bring together and uplift everyone who is part of a under-represented gender in computer science.

Read more about CS4ALL here.




We strive to ensure web accessibility on our websites. This means that we prioritize user-friendliness and improved searchability, taking into consideration those with functional impairments, such as visual impairments, reading difficulties, or concussions.

Access to buildings

DIKU is open to everyone. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our buildings are wheelchair-friendly and easily accessible for all. Guide dogs are, of course, also welcome.