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Amartya Sanyal, ETH

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Trustworthy Machine Learning under statistical limitations


Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are known to suffer from various issues when it comes to their trustworthiness including properties like adversarial robustness, privacy, and fairness. While there has been significant progress in developing new trustworthy algorithms, the role of inadequate data is often ignored. Widely available data in the real world are often noisy, limited, and long-tailed and play a key role in hindering these aspects of trustworthiness. In this talk, we will look at characterising some of the fundamental limitations on trustworthiness due to inadequate data. In the first half of the talk, we will consider the role of noisy data on adversarial robustness. In the second half, we will look at the role of long-tailed data on private learning and fairness. In both of these topics, we will look at theoretical results as well as experimental evidence to back them up.


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