Digital Tech Summit 2023: AI Transforming Business

Margrethe Vestager at the main stage at Digital Tech Summit in 2021.
Margrethe Vestager was on stage at Digital Tech Summit in 2021. Photo credit: Mikal Schlosser.

Join us for this year's Digital Tech Summit where you can experience the latest research and the strongest solutions from business and industry partners and network with the conference's other participants, who are managers, engineers, product managers, product developers, business developers and, not least, the talents of the future - the students of the universities.

AI as growth engine

Digital Tech Summit 2023 is entitled "AI Transforming Business" and focuses on AI as the dominant growth engine and driver of technological development.

This applies both internally in companies, where AI supports everything from production and process management, IT security, logistics, HR, sales and marketing. It also applies to the core technologies that will help Denmark and the world to solve some of society's major challenges within, among other things, green transition, global health and safety.

Meet leading researchers from the University of Copenhagen

A number of leading researchers from the University of Copenhagen will tackle today's major digital themes on the main stage with presentations and debates, which will be elaborated on the smaller stages and in our university stand. Here, we will also present our best cases and cutting edge technology within, among other things, green transition, health, defense and robotics. From the University of Copenhagen, you can meet:

  • Anders Søgaard
  • Mads Nielsen
  • Raghavendra Selvan
  • Fritz Henglein
  • Kenny Erleben
  • Bulat Ibragimov
  • Michael Kirkedal Thomsen
  • Trine Boomsma
  • Hanne Marie Motzfeldt
  • Thomas Troels Hildebrandt
  • Morten Misfeldt
Showcase of new technology from the Department of Computer Science.
With a combination of ultrasound waves and artificial intelligence, it is possible to create sensations of touch. Photo: Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. 

Visit Digital Tech Summit's website to read more about the conference and sign up for free as a participant.