Executive Masterclass – Ethical and Responsible AI


Artificial Intelligence offers immense benefits to the financial services industry. AI can optimize processes, improve decisions, increase efficiency, and enrich the customer experience. The use of AI in finance will be pervasive and all players in the industry must think more about how they use AI and develop their models to stay competitive and compliant. 

The adoption of AI, however, also may lead to several concerns such as transparency, accountability, unintended bias, as well as new legal requirements.

In this executive Masterclass offered by Copenhagen Fintech and The University of Copenhagen and sponsered by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science, we have gathered some of the leading researchers in Computer Science, Financial mathematics and modeling, as well as experts in Law to give you tools and insights to make the optimal strategic and ethically correct choices in your use of AI.

The modules will occur on four separate days: 24 February, 17 March, 14 April, and 12 May.

Who should participate?

This Masterclass is for decision makers and professionals working in the Finance and Fintech industry, who seek insights in working with Artificial Intelligence in a responsible and trustworthy way.  With the emerging use of AI in all processes in the Finance industry - from Risk Assessment over Regulation, Fraud Detection, KYC, or calculating Risk Profiles, we need to understand the use of AI and how the models work. It is not only important for the companies operating within Finance, Fintech or GovTech to understand AI; you also need to be able to explain how and why. AI affects the companies working with AI and the customers buying services and being subjected to the algorithms.

In this Masterclass, we will guide you and give you insights and inspiration on how your company can improve your work with AI

Price: 6000 DKK

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Deadline: 15 February 2023