International workshop on AI and Topology

Comwell Hotel and Conference Center in Holte
Photo credit: Comwell Hotel and Conference Center

Join us for a three-day international workshop in Copenhagen on the Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Topology in Machine Learning with Extensions to Image Processing and back!

Recent achievements in Artificial Intelligence have opened new avenues for research into theoretical topology and in applications in image processing. The primary aim of this workshop is to foster a productive dialogue between topologists and computer scientists, focusing particularly on the applications of topology in image processing and the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in advancing the field of topology.

The event will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, exploring in particular how topology can extract meaningful information from image data and how AI and machine learning tools can be utilized to make significant advancements in topological research.


  • Anibal Maximiliano Medina-Mardones, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, The University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Sergei Gukov, Director of the Richard N. Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics and John D. MacArthur Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics at California Institute of Technology, Caltech, California, USA

  • Søren Hauberg, Professor, Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark

  • Mathias Porsmose Clausen, Associate Professor, SDU Biotechnology, Southern University of Denmark

  • Pia Nyeng, Associate Professor, Molecular and Medical Biology and Centre for Mathematical Modeling - Human Health and Disease, Southern University of Denmark

  • Stefan Sommer, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

  • Jon Sporring, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

  • Nathalie Wahl, Professor, Department of Mathematical Science, University of Copenhagen



Full program with titles as a pdf file, including titles. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
9:15 Anibal Medina Mardones 9:15 Søren Hauberg
10:45 break 10:30 break
11:15 Mathias Porsmose Clausen 11:00 talks session 2
12:00 lunch 12:00 lunch 12:00 lunch
13:00 welcome 13:00 Pia Nyeng 13:05 departure
13:05 Sergei Gukov 13:45 break
14:50 break 13:55 Stefan Sommer
15:15 François Lauze & Jon Sporring 14:40 break
16:00 poster session 15:05 talks session 1
18:00 dinner 18:00 dinner
20:00 Discussion & problem session

talks session 1 (Tuesday) Talks session 2 (Wednesday)
14:50 Yossi Bokor Bleile 11:00 Aaron Mazel-Gee
15:10 Lander Ver Hoef 11:20 Kelly Maggs
15:30 Markus Kirolos Youssef 11:40 Amir Yehudayoff
15:50 Henry Kirveslahti
16:20 break
16:40 Henry Kirveslahti
17:00 Bjørnar Gullikstad Hem
17:20 Uğur Bektaş Cantürk
17:40 Celia Hacker


The workshop will take place at Comwell Hotel and Conference Center in Holte, located just 20 minutes north of Copenhagen and surrounded by nature. You can easily get there by public transport or car.

The participation fee is EUR 250 incl. VAT. This covers a single-person hotel room at Comwell in Holte for two nights (April 8 and 9), breakfast, lunches, dinners, and coffee during the event.


With this workshop, we wish to focus on both formal and informal interdisciplinary discussions between researchers in Mathematics and Data Science, and for this reason, the number of participants is limited to 25. We especially encourage Ph.D. students and postdocs.

To apply for participation, you will be asked to write a few lines describing how this workshop is relevant to your research, and upload an abstract for a talk you could give at the workshop. We have a limited number of registration fee waivers, and if you wish to apply for the waiver, you will be ask to additionally write a few lines on why we should prioritize you for funding.

The deadline for application is February 27, and the selection of participants will be made latest March 1. If invited, you will be asked to pay the participation fee by March 5 to confirm your registration.




All participants except invited speakers are asked to bring with a poster illustrating their research or suggestions for discussions at the conference. The posters will be presented on Monday.

You will in addition be asked to submit an abstract for a 15-minute talk as part of the registration process. The abstracts will not be formally published but selected abstracts will be made publicly available prior to the conference.