Data readiness workshop - Unlock the Power of AI

Young people discussing AI

Many companies face challenges in understanding their data and how they can be used for improving the business. When should one use AI, and how does one select the appropriate AI solution for the right problem? This event is aimed at SMEs who want to implement AI in their business or are curious about how to do it. 

In this workshop we will guide you through different AI models and their applications, helping you understand how to identify the best-fit AI solution for your business. We will talk about overcoming challenges related to small datasets and learn how data quality affects AI outcomes.

Join this workshop to get more insight in AI and your company's data readiness.


09:30-10:00 Breakfast and enrollment
10:00-10:15 Welcome and introduction  Introduction to AI Denmark & AI Boost 
Morning session:

Introduction talks followed by discussion in groups 

AI… but what exactly?
by Postdoc. Hubert Dariusz Zajac

  • Choosing the right AI for the right problem
  • Data needed to make AI work

What does high-quality data mean and why is it important?

  • Understanding data bias and performance impact
  • Identifying data risks in your own organization
13:00-13:45 Lunch
Afternoon session

Introduction talks followed by discussion in groups 

Nuancing GenAI: Real-Life Applications
by Associate Professor Desmond Elliott

  • Small-language models and beyond
  • Exploring AI strengths and limitations

Share insights from the Melatech EuroCC2 project
by Postdoc. Hubert Dariusz Zajac

16:00-17:00 Reception