Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy: geometrical and statistical methods for modelling biological shape variability

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  • Xavier Pennec (Redaktør)
  • Sarang Joshi (Redaktør)
  • Nielsen, Mads (Redaktør)
Computational anatomy is an emerging discipline at the interface of geometry, statistics and image analysis which aims at modeling and analyzing the biological shape of tissues and organs. The goal is to estimate representative organ anatomies across diseases, populations, species or ages, to model the organ development across time (growth or aging), to establish their variability, and to correlate this variability information with other functional, genetic or structural information. The Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy (MFCA) workshop aims at fostering the interactions between the mathematical community around shapes and the MICCAI community in view of computational anatomy applications. It targets more particularly researchers investigating the combination of statistical and geometrical aspects in the modeling of the variability of biological shapes. The workshop is a forum for the exchange of the theoretical ideas and aims at being a source of inspiration for new methodological developments in computational anatomy. A special emphasis is put on theoretical developments, applications and results being welcomed as illustrations. Following the successful rst edition of this workshop in 20061 and second edition in New-York in 20082, the third edition was held in Toronto on September 22 20113. Contributions were solicited in Riemannian and group theoretical methods, geometric measurements of the anatomy, advanced statistics on deformations and shapes, metrics for computational anatomy, statistics of surfaces, modeling of growth and longitudinal shape changes. 22 submissions were reviewed by three members of the program committee. To guaranty a high level program, 11 papers only were selected for oral presentation in 4 sessions. Two of these sessions regroups classical themes of the workshop: statistics on manifolds and diff eomorphisms for surface or longitudinal registration. One session gathers papers exploring new mathematical structures beyond Riemannian geometry while the last oral session deals with the emerging theme of statistics on graphs and trees. Finally, a poster session of 5 papers addresses more application oriented works on computational anatomy.
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StatusUdgivet - 2011
Begivenhed3rd MICCAI Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy - Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada
Varighed: 22 sep. 201122 sep. 2011
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Konference3rd MICCAI Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy
LokationWestin Harbour Castle


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