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Project description: Foundations and tools for building well-behaved systems

Publikation: Working paperForskning


Jyrki Katajainen, Amr Elmasry, Jon Daniel Elverkilde, Claus Jensen, Jens Rasmussen, Bo Simonsen, Lars Yde, Cyrille Artho, Gianni Francechini, Sibylle Schupp

We aim at doing basic research on the theoretical foundations on how to build reliable, safe, and fast software systems, and developing tools that make the construction and maintenance of such systems easier.
The theoretical questions taken up are related to algorithms, exception safety, and memory management, among other things, and the practical implementation calls for tools to test that components are well-behaved.Our goals are: 1) To study the foundation of a program library in order to gain new knowledge and thereby optimize existing components. 2) To develop software tools which make construction of reliable components easier and are of general interest. 3) To build a program library, the development of which can be used as a reality exercise when training software developers.
Udgivelses stedKøbenhavn
UdgiverDepartment of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 2008

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