Supervised scale-regularized linear convolutionary filters

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We start by demonstrating that an elementary learning task—learning a linear filter
from training data by means of regression—can be solved very efficiently for feature
spaces of very high dimensionality. In a second step, firstly, acknowledging that such
high-dimensional learning tasks typically benefit from some form of regularization and,
secondly, arguing that the problem of scale has not been taken care of in a very satis-
factory manner, we come to a combined resolution of both of these shortcomings by
proposing a technique that we coin scale regularization. This regularization problem can
also be solved relatively efficient. All in all, the idea is to properly control the scale of a
trained filter, which we solve by introducing a specific regularization term into the overall
objective function. We demonstrate, on an artificial filter learning problem, the capabil-
ities of our basic filter. In particular, we demonstrate that it clearly outperforms the de
facto standard Tikhonov regularization, which is the one employed in ridge regression or
Wiener filtering.
TitelProceedings of BMVC 2017
Antal sider12
ForlagBritish Machine Vision Conference
Publikationsdatojul. 2017
StatusUdgivet - jul. 2017
BegivenhedBritish Machine Vision Conference 2017 - Imperial College London, London, Storbritannien
Varighed: 4 sep. 20177 sep. 2017


KonferenceBritish Machine Vision Conference 2017
LokationImperial College London


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