COPLAS TALK: A Type-Safe Structure Editor Calculus

COPENHAGEN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE SEMINAR (COPLAS) TALK by Hans Hüttel, Aalborg University and University of Copenhagen.

This is a joint talk between COPLAS and the Programming Languages and Theory of Computation (PLTC) section.


Structure editors make syntax errors impossible, but they still allow construction of programs with incomplete semantics, leading to program states that cannot be evaluated. We introduce a structure editor calculus for a simple functional programming language that allows for incomplete programs. 

Our editor expressions may interleave construction and evaluation of programs and can thus describe the history of the development of a program. We extend our editor calculus with types and define a resource-aware type system that prohibits editor expressions introducing type errors in the abstract syntax tree and prove that the type system is sound.

Joint work with Christian Godiksen, Thomas Herrmann, Iman Owliaie and Mikkel Korup Lauridsen. Appeared at The ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM) 2021.


Hans Hüttel is an Associate Professor at DIKU and Aalborg University.

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