Programming Languages and Theory of Computation (PLTC)

Welcome to the PLTC Section. We conduct research in programming language technology and in the theory of computation. Much of our work involves topics in the intersection of programming language theory (e.g., algorithmic aspects of programming and formal verification), and applications (e.g., computer security and privacy, systems, compiler technology, high-performance computing, distributed ledger technology, and fintech).






Research in PLTC is conducted by individual researchers, working in groups or teams, perhaps joined with other research groups or individuals inside or outside University of Copenhagen. In the PLTC section, we have identified multiple research groups. Each individual researcher may or may not be part of several groups.

  • Financial Transparency

    The Financial Transparency Group is an interdisciplinary research group that promotes applied multidisciplinary research with industry partners addressing computational challenges in the financial industries focused mainly on making financial markets more transparent and inclusive.
    (Omri Ross)
















We are responsible for a subset of the courses on the BSc programmes in Computer Science, Computer Science and Economics, Machine Learning and Data Science, and Communication & IT. We are also responsible for courses on the MSc programme on Computer Science. In particular, we have responsibility for many of the courses on the study tracks in Programming Language and Systems.


Researchers in the PLTC section are in general open to supervise BSc projects, MSc projects, and POCS, in particular, if you contact the researcher in good time before project start and have a proposal for a project related to the research areas of the particular researcher. Inspiration may be found by looking at the descriptions of PLTC's research groups, which also include names of associated researchers.