Pioneer AI

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The Pioneer AI (P1AI) section performs foundational research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, medical imaging, statistics, and geometry. The section is physically hosted in the Observatory in the botanical garden of Copenhagen.


Our research focus is on computer vision (including fine-grained classification, self-supervised learning, multimodal AI for misinformation detection, and 2D/3D generative models), medical image analysis and modeling (including large-scale observational studies, multimodal brain data analysis, and domain adaptation), and statistics and machine learning on complex geometric data (including shape modeling, phylogenetic inference, and geometric statistics)



Research projects

  • PHAIR (Pharmacovigilance by Al Real-time Analyzes)
  • ELIAS (European Lighthouse of AI for Sustainability)
  • STROKE (AI-Driven Acute Stroke Detection)
  • White Matter (AI-Based Brain Abnormality Detection in the Wild)
  • Visipedia (Capturing and Sharing Visual Expertise)
  • Stochastic Morphometry: Evolutionary modeling of whole shape data


  • Applied Geometry lab



The section anchors the Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence to DIKU, and we host multiple world-class research projects on AI, ML, medical imaging, statistics, and geometry. These activities create an excellent research environment at our physical location in the Observatory in Copenhagen Botanical Garden. We have strong collaborations with other Danish research institutions, companies, and internationally. Researchers in the section have hosted major conferences in the later years and in the future, including IPMI 2021 and ECCV 2026.




The section teaches courses on machine learning and deep neural networks, vision and image processing, and data science.



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