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The PhD Programme

A PhD programme is a 3 year research programme carried out in close cooperation with researchers. The programme consists of an independent research project, participation in course work, educational activities and/or other forms of dissemination, periodic stays with another research institution or scientific environment - preferably abroad - as well as the preparation of a dissertation.

As a PhD student at Computer Science you will be associated with one of our research sections.

By acquiring a PhD you are qualified to work as a researcher, teaching at a university, and to work with research and development in industry.

Former PhD Students & Theses


Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defence
Lei Li

Principal Supervisor Christian Igel


Contributions to deep learning for computer vision applied to environmental remote sensing and human face and pose analysis 2 May 2024
Valeria Borsotti

Professor Pernille Bjørn, DIKU

Making Trouble: Reconfiguring Equity & Accessibility in Computer Science 12 April 2024

Hubert Dariusz Zając

Principal Supervisor: Tariq Osman Andersen

Co-Supervisor: Finn Kensing

It takes a village to raise clinical AI. Towards clinical usefulness of AI in healthcare 12 April 2024

Lorenzo Beretta

Principal Supervisor: Mikkel Thorup

Co-Supervisor: Mikkel Abrahamsen

Sublinear Algorithms, Online Packing, Hashing and Clustering 5 April 2024
Trine Rask Nielsen

Principal supervisor:
Naja Holten Møller

Thomas Troels Hildebrandt
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

ENCODING CARE IN CASEWORK: The Role of Data in Asylum Decision-making from a Practice Perspective

4 March 2024
Thomas van Gemert

Principal Supervisor: Joanna Bergström

Whole-body Movement in Virtual Reality: Creating Better Experiences through Walking and Maneuvering

27 February 2024
Paul Schreiner

Principal Supervisor: Kenny Erleben

Co-Supervisor: Matias Søndergaard

ADAM: Auto-Animation of Digital Humans Using AI Methods

8 February 2024
Jon Eklöf

Principal Supervisor: Thomas Wim Hamelryck

AI Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

26 January 2024
Karolina Stańczak

Principal supervisor: Isabelle Augenstein

Co-supervisor: Ryan Cotterell, ETH Zurich

A Multilingual Perspective on Probing Gender Bias

24 January, 2024
Andreea-Anamaria Muresan

Principal Supervisor: Kasper Hornbæk

Building Blocks of Future Interfaces Concept-Driven Interaction Design in Virtual Reality
15 January 2024



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defence
Mikkel Kragh Mathiesen
Principal Supervisor Friedrich Henglein
Co-Supervisor Robin Kaarsgaard 
The Programming of Algebra 
8 December 2023
Saeed Masoudian
Prof. Yevgeny Seldin(Principal Supervisor)
Best-of-Both-Worlds Learning in Bandits with Delayed Feedback 23 November 2023

Concetto Emanuele Bugliarello

Principal Supervisor Desmond Elliot
Co-Supervisor Anders Østerskov Søgaard

20 November 2023
Carl Victor von Wachter

Principal Supervisor Omri Ross 
Co-Supervisor Cosmin Oancea

28 September 2023
Jakob Bæk Tejs Houen

Principal Supervisor Mikkel Thorup


22 September 2023
Abraham George Smith

Principal Supervisor: Jens Petersen

28 August 2023
Mathias Perslev

Principal Supervisor: Christian Igel

21 August 2023
Nils Rethmeier

Principal Supervisor: Isabelle Augenstein

7 August 2023
Rasmus Kær Jørgensen

Principal Supervisor Christian Igel
Co-Supervisor Lars Silberg Hansen
Co-Supervisor Peter Sergio Larsen

23 June 2023
Marloes Elisabeth Arts

Principal Supervisor Wouter Krogh Boomsma

14 June 2023
Yi-Shan Wu

Principal Supervisor Yevgeny Seldin

Co-Supervisor Anders Østerskov Søgaard

1 June 2023

Asbjørn William Ammitzbøll Flügge

Principal Supervisor Naja Holten Møller

Co-Supervisors: Thomas Hildebrandt and Henrik Palmer Olsen

23 May 2023
Philip Munksgaard

Principal Supervisor Cosmin Oancea

Co-Supervisor Troels Henriksen

17 May 2023
Per Steffen Czolbe

Principal Supervisor Christian Igel

Former Principal Supervisor Aasa Feragen

Co-supervisor Oswin Krause

26 April 2023
Ola Rønning

Principal Supervisor Thomas Wim Hamelryck

Co-supervisor Christopher Ley

17 April 2023
Andreas David Lauritzen

Principal Supervisor Martin Lillholm

Clinical co-supervisor Ilse Vejborg

14 April 2023
Dustin Brandon Wright Isabelle Augenstein 9 March 2023
Yuhu Liang
Anders Krogh
1 February 2023
Chloé Alice Florence Rouyer Yevgeny Seldin 26 January 2023
Christian Thygesen Thomas Wim Hamelryck 4 January 2023



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defence
Torkan Gholamalizadeh Kenny Erleben 24 November 2022
Pepa Kostadinova Atanasova Isabelle Augenstein 8 November 2022
Heather Christine Lent Anders Østerskov Søgaard 24 October 2022
Viktor Fredslund-Hansen Christian Wulff-Nilsen 10 October 2022
Pengfei Diao Christian Igel 7 October
Mathias Højgaard Jensen Stefan Horst Sommer 30 September 2022
Evangelos Kipouridis Mikkel Thorup 17 June 
Renfei Liu Kenny Erleben 24 May 2022
Faezeh Moshfeghifar Kenny Erleben Hip Joint Finite Element Modeling 23 May 2022
José David Tascon Vidarte Sune Darkner 25 April 2022
Lys Sanz Moreta Thomas Wim Hamelryck 22 April 2022
Lasse Borgholt  Christian Igel 31 March 2022
Mette Bjerg Lindhøj Jon Sporring  25 March 2022
Carl-Johannes Vincent P. Johnsen James Emil Avery 18 March 2022
Mostafa Abdou Anders Søgaard Language Understanding in Humans and Artificial Neural Networks: Parallels and Contrasts 21 February 2022
Kasra Arnavaz Aasa Feragen Segmentation of the Tubular Network in the Pancreas 14 January 2022
Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defence
Klemen Lilja Kasper Hornbæk Hand-based Interaction in Mixed Reality:
Manipulating, Navigating and Learning
9 December 2021
Rahul Rajendra Arailkatte Anders Søgaard Towards Better Neural Coreference Resolution
8 December 2021
Victor Petrén Bach Hansen Anders Søgaard Towards Fairness in Conversational Natural Language Processing 29 November 2021
Peter Michael Reichstein Rasmussen Mikkel Thorup Graphs, Algorithms, and Discrete Probabilities 11 November 2021
Carlos Eduardo Tejada Castillo

Daniel Ashbrook Print-And-Play Fabrication 6 October 2021

Lucas Chavez Lima

Christina Lioma, Jakob Grue Simonsen, Maria Maistro Semantic Classification and Evaluation 27 September 2021
Christian Hansen Stephen Alstrup, Christina Lioma, Jacob Grue Simonsen Sequential Modelling with Applications to Music Recommendation, Fact-Checking, and Speed Reading 17 August 2021
Casper Hansen Stephen Alstrup, Christina Lioma, Jacob Grue Simonsen Representation Learning for Efficient and Effective
Similarity Search and Recommendation
16 August 2021
Yiwen Wang Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles Scalable and Reactive Data Management for Mobile Internet-of-Things Applications with Actor-Oriented Databases 16 July 2021
Hans Jacob Teglbjærg Stephensen Jon Sporring Geometrical Models and Stochastic Geometry of
Subcellular Structures
10 June 2021
Christoffer Olling Bach Tijs Slaats Hybrid Process Mining: Inference & Evaluation Across
Imperative & Declarative Approaches
8 June 2021
Ana Valeria González Anders Søgaard Towards Human-Centered Natural Language Processing 25 May 2021
Yova Radoslavova Kementchedjhieva Anders Søgaard Methods, Evalutations and Resources for Multilingual Transfer Learning 21 May 2021
Wojciech Mikal Pawlak Martin Elsman, Cosmin Eugen Oancea Accelerated Financial Algorithms: Derivative Pricing and Risk Management Applications
10 May 2021
Simon Hellemann Flachs Anders Søgaard Computational Grammatical Error Correction: Bridging the Gap from Academia to Industry 6 May 2021
Vlad Manea Katarzyna Wac From Participation Factors to Co-Calibration of Patient- and Wearable-Reported Outcomes in Behavioural, Health, and Quality of Life Studies 14 April 2021







Name Supervisor & co-supervisor(s)
Project title Date of Hand-in
Anton Mallasto Aasa Feragen, Tome Dela Haije, Mads Nielsen Geometric Methods in Probabilistic Modelling
31 October 2019
Mareike Hartmann Anders Søgaard Transfer Learning for Computational Content Analysis
October 2019
Stephan Sloth Lorenzen Stephen Alstrup, Christian Igel, Mikkel Abrahamsen Learning from Educational Data: Improving Methods and Theoretical Guarantees for Data Mining August 2019
Niklas Hjuler Stephen Alstrup Algorithms and AI in Education July 2019
Stina Matthiesen Pernille Bjørn Stereotyping in Globally Distributed Collaboration 19 July 2019
Silas Nyboe Ørting Marleen de Bruijne, Jens Petersen Assessing emphysema in CT scans of the lungs 12 March 2019
Paul Strohmeier Kasper Hornbæk Shaping Material Experiences: Designing vibrotactile feedback for active perception 15 April 2019



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Date of Hand-in
Christopher Alan Ryther Jakob Grue Simonsen, Andreas Koch, Claus Parnes Complex Temporal Networks: Metrics and embeddings for problems in real world complex networks 31 December 2018
Jacob Daniel Kirstejn Hansen François Bernard Lauze Segmentation of Brains and Rocks from Tomographic Reconstructions December 2018
Line Kühnel Stefan Sommer, Mads Nielsen Stochastic Modelling on Manifolds 30 December 2018
Aske Mottelson Kasper Hornbæk Computer-Cognition Interfaces: Sensing and Influencing Mental Processes with Computer Interaction 31 December 2018
Raghavendra Selvan Marlene de Bruijne, Jens Petersen Extraction of Airways from Volumetric Data 30 September 2018
Jacob Holm Mikkel Thorup, Stephen Alstrup Efficient Graph algorithms and Data Structures 31 August 2018
Malte Stær Nissen Mads Nielsen, Christian Igel Automatic Motility Analysis of Human Sperm 1 August 2018
Joachim Bingel Anders Søgaard Personalized and Adaptive Text Simplification August 2018
Leise Borg Jon Sporring Analysis of synchrotron X-ray tomographic data: Reconstruction and application August 2018
Henrik Grønholt Jensen Sune Darkner, Mads Nielsen Density-based Similarity in the Registration
of Diffusion-Weighted Images
April 2018
Danil Annenkov Adventures in Formalisation: Financial Contracts, Modules, and Two-Level Type Theory 25 January 2018





Name Supervisor(s) Project title Date of Hand-in
Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Christian Igel Recycling on a Cosmic Scale: Extracting New Information from Old Data Sets 10 November 2016
Noy Rotbart Jacob Grue Simonsen, Christian Wulff-Nilsen New Ideas on Labeling Schemes 18 October 2016
Ulrik Terp Rasmussen Stream Processing Using Grammars and Regular Expressions 25 September 2016
Frederik Meisner Madsen Streaming for Functional Data-Parallel Languages September 2016
Casper Petersen Christina Lioma, Jacob Grue Simonsen On the Estimation and Use of Statistical Modelling in Information Retrieval September 2016
Jan Kremer Christian Igel Active and Adaptive Learning from Biased Data with Applications in Astronomy 10 June 2016
Giovanni Maria Troiano Kasper Hornbæk, Esben Warming Pedersen After Rigid Interfaces: Investigating Interaction with Deformable Interfaces and the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces June 2016
Niklas Kasenburg Aasa Feragen, Matthew Liptrot, Mads Nielsen Learning from tractography: reconstructing and analysing structural connections 1 February 2016





Name Supervisor(s) Project title Date of Defense
Asja Fischer Christian Igel Traning of restricted Boltzmann Machines 25 August 2014
Jens Petersen Marleen de Bruijne, Asger Dirksen Analysis of airways in computed tomography 12 May 2014
Sarah Niebe Kenny Erleben General nonconvex rigid body simulation 7 March 2014
Lars Lau Raket Functional Object analysis 13 June
Lene Lillemark Erleben Mads Nielsen, Sami S. Brandt, Erik B. Dam Shapes related to Longitudinal Studies of Disease 9 April 2014
Adhish Prasoon Mads Nielsen, Francois Lauze, Marco Loog Deep Feature learning and Cascaded Classifier for Large Scale Data 2 May 2014



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Date of defense
Dan Richter Jørgensen Mads Nielsen, Erik B. Dam, Martin Lillholm
Degeneration of osteoarthritic cartilage: focal or global?
26 June 2013
Joselene Marques Mads Nielsen, Erik B. Dam 15 March 2013
Esben Warming Pedersen Kasper Hornbæk
Grab and Touch - Empirical Research on Tangible Computing and Touch Interaction
4 February 2013



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Date of defense
Patrick Bahr
Fritz Henglein Modular Implementation of Programming Languages and a Partial-Order Approach to Infinitary Rewriting 30 November 2012
Tariq Osman Andersen Finn Kensing Prototyping a Collective: On ethnography, design, and use of personal health record
November 2012
Rasmus Fonseca Pawel Winter Reducing the Search Space in Protein Structure Prediction 29 October 2012
Claus Jensen Stephen Alstrup
Improving the efficiency of priority-queue structures Using data-structual transformations and number systems
23 October 2012
Jonas Moll Finn Kensing 23 October 2012
Michael Kirkedal Carøe Robert Glück 7 September 2012
Morten Engell-Nørregaard Kenny Erleben 30 August 2012
Sudhakar Tummala Erik B. Dam February 2012



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defense
Anders Starcke Henriksen Andrzej Filinski Adversarial Models for Cooperative Interactions  22 December 2011
Eld Maj-Britt Olmütz Zierau Jakob Grue Simonsen  A Holistic Approach to Bit Preservation 12 December 2011
Stefan Sommer Mads Nielsen, Francois Lauze Anatomy in Curved Space: Non-linear Modelling of Deformation and Shape for Medical Imaging
Rune Møllegaard Friborg Brian Vinter CSP for Executable Scientific Workflows 29 November 2011
Alessandro Crimi Mads Nielsen Statistical Analysis of Vertebral Shapes 16 November 2011
Holger Bock Axelsen Robert Glück Reversible Computing and Programming 15 November 2011
Tom Hvitved Fritz Henglein Contract Formalisation and Modular Implementation of Domain-Specific Languages
November 2011
Søren Hauberg Kim Steenstrup Pedersen Spatial Models of Human Motion
Lasse Nielsen Fritz Henglein & Thomas Hildebrandt Regular Expressions and Multiparty Session Types with Applications to Workflow Based Verification of User Interfaces
August 2011
Melanie Ganz Mads Nielsen Automated Detection and Analysis of Calcified Deposits and their relation to Cardiovascular Diseases 27 May 2011
James Avery Stig Skelbo New Computational Methods in the quantum Theory of Nano-Structures 8 March 2011



Name Supervisor(s) Project title Defense
Karen Marie Lyng Finn Kensing Computerizing Clinical Practice Guidelines 20 December 2010
Martin Rehr Brian Vinter Grid-enabling Non-Computer Resources 8 December 2010
Vladlena Gorbunova Marleen de Bruijne Image Registration of Lung CT Scans for Monitoring Emphysema Progression 1 November 2010
Lauge Sørensen Marleen de Bruijne & Mads Nielsen Pattern Recognition-Based Analysis of COPD in CT 11 October 2010
Christian Wulff-Nilsen Martin Zachariasen Algorithms for Planar Graphs and Graphs in Metric Spaces 15 June 2010
Glennie Helles Martin Zachariasen Searching for the Native Structures of Protein 19 May 2010
Pechin Chien Pau Lo Marleen de Bruijne Segmentation of Lung Structures in CT 1 July 2010
Ketut Fundana Mads Nielsen Variational Segmentation Problems using Prior Knowledge in Imaging and Vision 20 May 2010
Jesper Andersen Julia Jawal Semantic Patch Inference
25 February 2010
Marcus Chang Phillippe Bonnet From Automatic to Adaptive Data Acquisition
- towards scientific sensornets
29 January 2010
Aditya Tatu - Curve Evolution in Subspaces and Exploring the Metameric Class of Histogram of Gradient Orientation based Features using Nonlinear Projection Methods



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Lars Schjøth Jon Sporring Anisotropic Density Estimation in Global Illumination 27 November 2009
Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen Kasper Hornbæk Information Visualization in Programming Environments 15 October 2009
David Karl John Gustavsson Mads Nielsen On Texture and Geometry in ImageAnalysis 12 June 2009
Tobias Uldall-Espersen Erik Frøkjær On the understanding of industrial usability work in IT-systems development 24 February 2009
Rasmus Andersen Brian Vinter Sandboxes for Grid Computing N/A



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Arish Asif Qasi Mads Nielsen Quantification of Structure from Medical Images 19 December 2008
Mie Nørregaard Laursen Kasper Hornbæk -
10 December 2008
Simon Spoorendonk David Pisinger Cut and Column Generation
28 November 2008
Christian Stefansen Fritz Henglein (I) A Declarative Framework for ERP Systems (II) Reactors: A Data-Driven Programming Model for Distributed Applications 20 November 2008
Martin Paluszewski Pawel Winter Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction
10 November 2008
Jens Egeblad Davis Pisinger Heuristics for Multidimensional Packing Problems 29 September 2008
Dan Erik Petersen Stig Skelboe Block Tridiagonal Matrices in Electronic Structure Calculations  25 August 2008
Martin Leopold Philippe Bonnet Sensor Network Motes: Portability & Performance 2 June 2008
Benny Kjær Nielsen Martin Zachariasen Nesting Problems and Steiner Tree Problems 11 February 2008
Jacob Gorm Hansen Eric Jul Virtual Machine Mobility with Self-Migration 31 January 2008
Jacob Raundahl Mads Nielsen Mammographic Pattern Recognition 9 January 2008



Name Supervisor(s) Project Name Defence
Jenny Folkesson Mads Nielsen Statistical Classification and Level Set Methods in Medical Image Analysis Quantitative Evaluation of Articular Cartilage in Knee MRI 14 December 2007
Sune Høgild Keller Mads Nielsen Video Upscaling Using Variational Methods 3 December 2007
Robert Bialek Eric Jul Dynamic Updates of Existing Java Applications 19 September 2006
Kerawit Somchaipeng Peter Johansen & Jon Sporring Multi-Scale Singularity Trees 4 September 2006
Niels Elgaard Larsen - Emerald Database-Integrating Transaction, Queries, and Method Indexing into a system based on mobile objects 16 May 2006
Stefan Røpke David Pisinger Heuristic and exact algorithms for vehicle routing problems 13 January 2006



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Tue Haste Andersen Kristoffer Jensen Interaction with Sound and Pre-Recorded Music: Novel Interfaces and Use Patterns 10 June 2005
Jakob Grue Simonsen Klaus Grue On Computable Approximation of Infinite Objects 31 May 2005
Kenny Erleben Knud Henriksen Stable, Robust, and Versatile Multibody Dynamics Animation 30 March 2005
Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen Eric Jul Using Support Vector Machines for Distributed Machine Learning 7 February 2005
Mikkel Mühldorff Sigurd David Pisinger Column Generation Methods and Applications 26 July 2004
Mads Bondo Dydensborg Eric Jul Connection Oriented Sensor Network 13 December 2004
Niels H. Christensen Neil D. Jones Domain-specific languages in software development 29 September 2003
Henning Makholm Neil D. Jones A language-independent framework for region inference 21 November 2003
Kim Steenstrup Pedersen Peter Johansen Statistics of Natural Image Geometry 28 March 2003
Sebastian Chr. Skalberg Klaus Grue & Neil D. Jones An Interactive Proof System for Map Theory 25 October 2002
Jens Peter Secher Neil D. Jones Driving-based Program Transformation 23 October 2002
Kasper A.S. Hornbæk Erik Frøkjær Usability of Information Visualization: Reading and Interaction Processes 18 March 2002
Henning Niss Fritz Henglein Regions are imperative. Unscoped regions and control-sensitive memory management 8 February 2002
C. K. Kazimierczak Eric Jul From Artifacts to Objects: In Search of the Design Rationale for Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Systems 6 December 2001



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Peter Riber Peter Johansen Object Recognition Tracking and Counting 13 April 2000
Ole Fogh Olsen Peter Johansen & Mads Nielsen Generic Image Structure 13 June 2000
Jørgen Sværke Hansen Eric Jul Skalerbar netværksydelse i distribuerede systemer -
Stephen Alstrup Mikkel Thorup Tree Techniques 3 September 1999
Kristoffer Jensen Jens Arnspang Timbre Models of Musical Sounds 19 December 1999
Martin Zachariasen Pawel Winter & Jens Clausen Tabu Search on the Geometric Travelling Salesman Problem 2 June 1998
Jon Sporring Peter Johansen Measuring and Modelling Image Structure 19 December 1998
Jakob Rehof Fritz Henglein The Complexity of Simple Subtyping Systems 17 June 1998
Martin Elsman Mads Tofte Program Modules, Seperate Compilation, and Intermodule Optimisation 15 December 1998
Morten Heine Sørensen Neil D. Jones Normalization in -calculus and Type Theory 9 May 1997
Chr. Mossin Fritz Henglein Flow Analysis of Typed Higher- Order Programs 31 January 1997
Morten Welinder Neil D. Jones Partial Evaluation and Correctness 9 December 1996
Georg Strøm Peter Naur Inattentive Use of Electronic Equipment - Evaluation and Design Principles 20 September 1996
Povl Koch Eric Jul Message-Driven Consistency on a Network of Workstations 23 April 1996
Kristoffer Rose Neil D. Jones Operational Reduction Models for Functional Programming Languages 9 February 1996
Martin Funk Larsen Stig Skelboe Numerical Computations on Massively Parallel Graph Reduction Machine 2 February 1996



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Knud Jesper Jørgensen Fritz Henglein A Calculus for Boxing Analysis of Polymorphically Typed Languages October 1995
Knud J. Jørgensen Neil D. Jones Efficient Type Inference Based Program Analyses 27 October 1995
Jesper Larsson Träff Jens Clausen Praktiske parallelle grafalgoritmer 22 June 1995
David Pisinger Jakob Krarup Algorithms for Knapsack Problems 26 May 1995
Mads Nielsen Søren I. Olsen Least Committed Estimation in Computer Vision 27 April 1995
Per Storgaard Laursen Jens Clausen Parallel Optimization Algorithm - Efficiency vs. Simplicity 15 December 1994
Morten Hertzum Erik Frøkjær Computer Support for Documentation Work 14 December 1994
Jacob Nørbjerg Jørgen Bansler Kvalifikationer og Samarbejdsformer i Systemudvikling 15 June 1994
Lars Ole Andersen Neil D. Jones Program Analysis and Specialization for the C Programming Language 27 May 1994
Klaus Havelund Klaus Grue The Fork Calculus, Towards a Logic for Concurrent ML  16 March 1994
Ming Fang Stig Skelboe Krylov subspace methods; convergence and parallel aspects 20 January 1994
Thomas P. Jensen Neil D. Jones Abstract Interpretation in Logical Form 16 December 1993
Karoline Malmkjær Neil D. Jones Abstract Interpretation of Partial-Evaluation Algorithms 23 February 1993
Niels Chr. Juul Eric Jul Comprehensive, concurrent, and robust garbage collection in the distributed objectbased system EMERALD 19 February 1993
Mads Rosendahl Neil D. Jones Abstract Interpretation and Attribute Grammars 11 December 1991
Laila Dybkjær Per Galle Computer-Aided Floot Plan Sketching 29 November 1991
Carsten K. Gomard Neil D. Jones Program Analysis Matters 29 November 1991
Peter Sestoft Neil D. Jones Analysis and Efficient Implementation of Functional Programs 14 November 1991
Birger Andersen Eric Jul Grain-Size Adaption in the Tine-Grained Object-Oriented Language 5 November 1991
Hans Dybkjær Neil D. Jones Kategoriteori, typer og programmeringssprog 5 April 1991
Troels Andreasen Torben U. Zahle Semantic Information in Databases 18 January 1991



Name Supervisor(s) Project Title Defence
Knud Henriksen Jens Arnspang Projective Geometry and Straight Lines in Computational Vision 7 September 1990
Anders Bondorf Neil D. Jones Self-Applicable Partial Evaluation 27 April 1990
Franz Fröling Peter Naur &
Ebbe Spang- Hansen
Automatisk analyse og oversættelse af franske sætninger med udgangspunkt i verbernes valens. Automatisk analyse af faste udtryk i franske sætninger. -
Charlotte Pii Lunau Eric Jul Hierarchies in Object-Oriented Languages 19 December 1989
Harald Søndergaard Neil D. Jones Semantics-based Analysis and Transformation of Logic Programs 15 December 1989
Kaare Danielsen Torben U. Zahle Multidimensional Trees 2 June 1989
Torben Mogensen Neil D. Jones Binding Time Aspects of Partial Evaluation 14 April 1989
Eric Jul Ole Caprani Object Mobility in a Distributed Object-Oriented System 9 December 1988
Mads Tofte Neil D. Jones Operational Semantics and Polymorphic Type Inference July 1988
Elin Rønby Pedersen Peter Naur Skriftlige udtryksmidler i program udvikling June 1988
Jens Arnspang Peter Johansen Local Differential Kinematics in Computational Vision 5 April 1988
Søren I. Olsen Peter Johansen Feature Based Stereo Algorithm 22 January 1988
Per Galle Nils Andersen Datamatstøttet pladsdisponering i arkitektarbejde 14 August 1987
Jørgen Bansler Hasse Clausen Systemudvikling - teori og historie i skandinavisk perspektiv 8 May 1987