Employees in the Programming Language & Theory of Computation Section

The section performs research in programming language technology and in the theory of computation. Much of the work involves topics in the intersection of programming language theory (e.g., algorithmic aspects of programming and formal verification), and applications (e.g., computer security and privacy, systems, distributed ledger technology, and fintech).

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Name Title Image
Andrzej Filinski Associate Professor Billede af Andrzej Filinski
Carl Victor von Wachter PhD Student Billede af Carl Victor von Wachter
Christoffer Olling Back External Postdoc Billede af Christoffer Olling Back
Cosmin Eugen Oancea Associate Professor Billede af Cosmin Eugen Oancea
David Gray Marchant Postdoc Billede af David Gray Marchant
Eric Jul Professor Emeritus Billede af Eric Jul
Franciszek Olaf Zdyb Research Assistant Billede af Franciszek Olaf Zdyb
Fritz Henglein Professor Billede af Fritz Henglein
Hans Hüttel Associate Professor Billede af Hans Hüttel
Henrik Bjørn Axelsen PhD Fellow Billede af Henrik Bjørn Axelsen
James Emil Avery Guest Researcher Billede af James Emil Avery
Jon Eklöf Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Jon Eklöf
Ken Friis Larsen Associate Professor Billede af Ken Friis Larsen
Klaus Grue Emeritus Billede af Klaus Grue
Martin Elsman Professor Billede af Martin Elsman
Michael Kirkedal Thomsen Part-time Lecturer Billede af Michael Kirkedal Thomsen
Mikkel Kragh Mathiesen Research Assistant Billede af Mikkel Kragh Mathiesen
Nikolaj Hey Hinnerskov PhD Student Billede af Nikolaj Hey Hinnerskov
Ola Rønning Postdoc Billede af Ola Rønning
Oleks Shturmov Research Assistant Billede af Oleks Shturmov
Philippe Bonnet Professor Billede af Philippe Bonnet
Robert Glück Professor Billede af Robert Glück
Robert Schenck Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Robert Schenck
Thomas Philip Jensen Professor Billede af Thomas Philip Jensen
Torben Ægidius Mogensen Associate Professor Billede af Torben Ægidius Mogensen
Troels Henriksen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Troels Henriksen
Yuqin Zhou Academic Research Staff Billede af Yuqin Zhou
Zhan Su PhD Fellow Billede af Zhan Su