Employees in the Software, Data, People, & Society Section

We perform research in software, process and data management systems, and methods for the development of software systems suited for the people developing and using them, thereby creating value for society. The research is often carried out in an interdisciplinary context and in collaboration with industry.

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Name Title Image
Ana Carolina Brito De Almeida Postdoc Billede af Ana Carolina Brito De Almeida
Axel Kjeld Fjelrad Christfort PhD Student Billede af Axel Kjeld Fjelrad Christfort
Boris Düdder Associate Professor Billede af Boris Düdder
Christoffer Olling Back External Postdoc Billede af Christoffer Olling Back
Dmitriy Traytel Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Billede af Dmitriy Traytel
Emil Vogt Sørensen Guest Researcher Billede af Emil Vogt Sørensen
Finn Kensing Professor Emeritus Billede af Finn Kensing
Hubert Dariusz Zajac PhD Fellow Billede af Hubert Dariusz Zajac
Josef Valvoda Postdoc Billede af Josef Valvoda
Jørgen P. Bansler Professor Emeritus Billede af Jørgen P. Bansler
Kristin Kaltenhäuser PhD Fellow Billede af Kristin Kaltenhäuser
Lennard Reese PhD Fellow Billede af Lennard Reese
Leonardo Lima PhD Fellow Billede af Leonardo Lima
Li Quan PhD Fellow Billede af Li Quan
Nadine Sandjo Tchatchoua Guest Researcher Billede af Nadine Sandjo Tchatchoua
Naja Holten Møller Associate Professor Billede af Naja Holten Møller
Omry Ross Associate Professor Billede af Omry Ross
Panagiota Katsikouli Postdoc Billede af Panagiota Katsikouli
Panagiotis Karras Professor Billede af Panagiotis Karras
Paul Cosma Research Assistant Billede af Paul Cosma
Rafael Castro Goncalves Silva PhD Student Billede af Rafael Castro Goncalves Silva
Rasmus Iven Strømsted Research Assistant Billede af Rasmus Iven Strømsted
Rodrigo Nunes Laigner Research Assistant Billede af Rodrigo Nunes Laigner
Sippo Oskari Teofilus Rossi Postdoc Billede af Sippo Oskari Teofilus Rossi
Tariq Osman Andersen Associate Professor Billede af Tariq Osman Andersen
Thomas Troels Hildebrandt Professor Billede af Thomas Troels Hildebrandt
Tijs Slaats Associate Professor Billede af Tijs Slaats
Tilman Zuckmantel PhD Fellow Billede af Tilman Zuckmantel
Tina Westergaard Milbak PhD Fellow Billede af Tina Westergaard Milbak
Trine Rask Nielsen Postdoc Billede af Trine Rask Nielsen
Xikun Jiang Postdoc Billede af Xikun Jiang
Yijian Liu PhD Fellow Billede af Yijian Liu
Yongluan Zhou Professor Billede af Yongluan Zhou