Employees in the Machine Learning Section

The activities in our section range from research into the theoretical foundations of machine learning to applications within a broad set of domains, including natural language processing, information retrieval, medical image analysis and modelling of biological data.

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Name Title Image
Ana Valeria Gonzalez No job title VIP Billede af Ana Valeria Gonzalez
Anders Krogh Professor Billede af Anders Krogh
Andreas Lauritzen PhD Fellow Billede af Andreas Lauritzen
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg Postdoc Billede af Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg
Casper Hansen PhD Student Billede af Casper Hansen
Chen Qiu Visiting PhD Student Billede af Chen Qiu
Chloé Rouyer PhD Fellow Billede af Chloé Rouyer
Christian Hansen PhD Student Billede af Christian Hansen
Christian Igel Professor Billede af Christian Igel
Christina Lioma Professor Billede af Christina Lioma
Daniel Hershcovich Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Daniel Hershcovich
Daniel Spikol Associate Professor Billede af Daniel Spikol
Duo Yang IT Officer Billede af Duo Yang
Erik Bjørnager Dam Professor Billede af Erik Bjørnager Dam
Fabian Cristian Gieseke Associate Professor Billede af Fabian Cristian Gieseke
Frederikke Isa Marin PhD Student Billede af Frederikke Isa Marin
Hippolyte Raymond Bourel PhD Fellow Billede af Hippolyte Raymond Bourel
Ingemar Johansson Cox Professor Billede af Ingemar Johansson Cox
Jes Frellsen External Researcher Billede af Jes Frellsen
Jianhua Yuan Visiting PhD Student Billede af Jianhua Yuan
Jonas Færch Lotz Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Jonas Færch Lotz
Katerina Trepekli Postdoc Billede af Katerina Trepekli
Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt Guest Researcher Billede af Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt
Lasse Borgholt PhD Student Billede af Lasse Borgholt
Lei Li PhD Fellow Billede af Lei Li
Lucas Chaves Lima PhD Student Billede af Lucas Chaves Lima
Lucas Moncuit Guest Researcher Billede af Lucas Moncuit
Mads Herbert Kerrn PhD Fellow Billede af Mads Herbert Kerrn
Maher Mahmoud Kassem Guest Researcher Billede af Maher Mahmoud Kassem
Mareike Hartmann Postdoc Billede af Mareike Hartmann
Marleen de Bruijne Professor Billede af Marleen de Bruijne
Marloes Elisabeth Arts PhD Fellow Billede af Marloes Elisabeth Arts
Martin Lillholm Deputy Head of Department Billede af Martin Lillholm
Mathias Perslev PhD Fellow Billede af Mathias Perslev
Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen Assistant Professor Billede af Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen
Morten Misfeldt Professor Billede af Morten Misfeldt
Mostafa Mehdipour Ghazi Postdoc Billede af Mostafa Mehdipour Ghazi
Nicki Skafte Detlefsen Guest Researcher Billede af Nicki Skafte Detlefsen
Oswin Krause Assistant Professor Billede af Oswin Krause
Pengfei Diao PhD Student Billede af Pengfei Diao
Qiuchi Li Postdoc Billede af Qiuchi Li
Raghavendra Selvan Assistant Professor Billede af Raghavendra Selvan
Rasmus Kær Jørgensen PhD Student Billede af Rasmus Kær Jørgensen
Richard Michael Visiting Student Billede af Richard Michael
Sadegh Talebi Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Sadegh Talebi
Saeed Masoudian PhD Fellow Billede af Saeed Masoudian
Sandeep Singh Sengar Postdoc Billede af Sandeep Singh Sengar
Satyasaran Changdar Postdoc Billede af Satyasaran Changdar
Sebastian Garcia Lopez PhD Fellow Billede af Sebastian Garcia Lopez
Sergio Serrano-Iglesias Guest Researcher Billede af Sergio Serrano-Iglesias
Simon Bartels Postdoc Billede af Simon Bartels
Simone Borg Bruun PhD Student Billede af Simone Borg Bruun
Stefan Oehmcke Postdoc Billede af Stefan Oehmcke
Stephan Sloth Lorenzen Postdoc Billede af Stephan Sloth Lorenzen
Tone Bengtsen Industrial Postdoc Billede af Tone Bengtsen
Tuukka Ruotsalo Associate Professor Billede af Tuukka Ruotsalo
Victor Petrén Bach Hansen PhD Student Billede af Victor Petrén Bach Hansen
Wouter Boomsma Associate Professor Billede af Wouter Boomsma
Yevgeny Seldin Professor Billede af Yevgeny Seldin
Yevgeny Seldin Professor Billede af Yevgeny Seldin
Yi Shan Wu PhD Fellow Billede af Yi Shan Wu
Yuhu Liang PhD Student Billede af Yuhu Liang