Employees in the Human-Centred Computing Section

We aim to fundamentally understand and improve the relation between computational technology and people. Our research focuses on using computing to support people’s activities and well-being; inventing new ways for people to interact with technology, and understanding how human capabilities are influenced by technology. We are a diverse and highly collaborative group of researchers that strives to provide a welcoming, supportive, and caring environment for all.

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Name Title Image
Andreea-Anamaria Muresan Research Assistant Billede af Andreea-Anamaria Muresan
Arpit Bhatia PhD Student Billede af Arpit Bhatia
Athina Panotopoulou Postdoc Billede af Athina Panotopoulou
Ayano Ohsaki Guest Researcher Billede af Ayano Ohsaki
Barry Alan Brown Professor Billede af Barry Alan Brown
Bhaskar Dutt PhD Student Billede af Bhaskar Dutt
Daniel Lee Ashbrook Associate Professor Billede af Daniel Lee Ashbrook
Daniel Spikol Associate Professor Billede af Daniel Spikol
Deeksha Varshney Postdoc Billede af Deeksha Varshney
Ellie Thrane Christiansen Research Assistant Billede af Ellie Thrane Christiansen
Erik Frøkjær Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Erik Frøkjær
Hasti Seifi Affiliate Associate Professor Billede af Hasti Seifi
Irina Shklovski Professor Billede af Irina Shklovski
Jenny-Margrethe Vej Research Assistant Billede af Jenny-Margrethe Vej
Joanna Emilia Bergström Associate Professor Billede af Joanna Emilia Bergström
Jonas Schjerlund Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Jonas Schjerlund
Jonathan Caleb Sutton Postdoc Billede af Jonathan Caleb Sutton
Kasper Hornbæk Professor Billede af Kasper Hornbæk
Kellie Anne Dunn PhD Fellow Billede af Kellie Anne Dunn
Lise Anna Bruun IT Officer, FU Billede af Lise Anna Bruun
Mantas Cibulskis PhD Fellow Billede af Mantas Cibulskis
Martin Maunsbach PhD Fellow Billede af Martin Maunsbach
Melanie Duckert Schmidt Visiting PhD Student Billede af Melanie Duckert Schmidt
Mirabelle Jones PhD Fellow Billede af Mirabelle Jones
Morten Misfeldt Professor Billede af Morten Misfeldt
Olga Iarygina Visitor Billede af Olga Iarygina
Pernille Bjørn Professor Billede af Pernille Bjørn
Rozalia Natalia Avlona Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Rozalia Natalia Avlona
Sara Margrét Sigurðardóttir PhD Fellow Billede af Sara Margrét Sigurðardóttir
Sarah Frances Homewood Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Sarah Frances Homewood
Sonja Rebecca Rattay Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Sonja Rebecca Rattay
Stephen G. Kobourov Guest Researcher Billede af Stephen G. Kobourov
Teresa Hirzle Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Teresa Hirzle
Thomas van Gemert PhD Student Billede af Thomas van Gemert
Tor-Salve Dalsgaard PhD Fellow Billede af Tor-Salve Dalsgaard
Uffe Dalgas IT Officer, FU Billede af Uffe Dalgas
Ulrik Lyngs External Postdoc Billede af Ulrik Lyngs
Valeria Borsotti PhD Student Billede af Valeria Borsotti
Valkyrie Arline Savage Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Valkyrie Arline Savage
Victoria Emilova Vardina IT Officer, FU Billede af Victoria Emilova Vardina
Viktor Holm-Janas PhD Fellow Billede af Viktor Holm-Janas
Ville Vakkuri Guest Researcher Billede af Ville Vakkuri
Yanxin Xiao PhD Student Billede af Yanxin Xiao
Zaibei Li Research Assistant Billede af Zaibei Li