Staff in the Natural Language Processing Section

We research methods to automatically process, understand as well as generate text, typically using statistical models and machine learning. Applications of such methods include automatic fact checking, machine translation and question answering.

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Name Title Image
Ana Valeria Gonzalez Postdoc Billede af Ana Valeria Gonzalez
Anders Søgaard Professor Billede af Anders Søgaard
Andrea Lekkas Visiting PhD Student Billede af Andrea Lekkas
Andreas Nugaard Holm PhD Student Billede af Andreas Nugaard Holm
Bastien Nathan Liétard Guest Researcher Billede af Bastien Nathan Liétard
Daniel Hershcovich Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Daniel Hershcovich
Desmond Elliott Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Desmond Elliott
Emanuele Bugliarello PhD Fellow Billede af Emanuele Bugliarello
Heather Christine Lent PhD Fellow Billede af Heather Christine Lent
Héctor Ricardo Murrieta Bello No job title Billede af Héctor Ricardo Murrieta Bello
Isabelle Augenstein Associate Professor Billede af Isabelle Augenstein
Katerina Margatina External Researcher Billede af Katerina Margatina
Laura Cabello Piqueras PhD Fellow Billede af Laura Cabello Piqueras
Lukas Christian Nielsen PhD Student Billede af Lukas Christian Nielsen
Marc Marcel Bollmann Postdoc Billede af Marc Marcel Bollmann
Miryam de Lhoneux Postdoc Billede af Miryam de Lhoneux
Mostafa Hany Mohamed Anwar Abdou PhD Fellow Billede af Mostafa Hany Mohamed Anwar Abdou
Nils Rethmeier PhD Student Billede af Nils Rethmeier
Oscar Kjell Postdoc Billede af Oscar Kjell
Pepa Kostadinova Atanasova PhD Fellow Billede af Pepa Kostadinova Atanasova
Phillip Rust PhD Fellow Billede af Phillip Rust
Rahul Rajendra Aralikatte PhD Student Billede af Rahul Rajendra Aralikatte
Ruixiang Cui PhD Fellow Billede af Ruixiang Cui
Sagnik Ray Choudhury Postdoc Billede af Sagnik Ray Choudhury
Sheng Zhang Visiting PhD Student Billede af Sheng Zhang
Simon Hellemann Flachs PhD Student Billede af Simon Hellemann Flachs
Stephanie Brandl Postdoc Billede af Stephanie Brandl
Tommaso Pasini Postdoc Billede af Tommaso Pasini
Victor Petrén Bach Hansen PhD Student Billede af Victor Petrén Bach Hansen
Vinit Ravishankar Ej Efternavn Guest Researcher Billede af Vinit Ravishankar Ej Efternavn
Yova Radoslavova Kementchedjhieva Postdoc Billede af Yova Radoslavova Kementchedjhieva