Staff in the Natural Language Processing Section

We research methods to automatically process, understand as well as generate text, typically using statistical models and machine learning. Applications of such methods include automatic fact-checking, machine translation, question answering, and visually-grounded language learning.

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Name Title Image
Alice Schiavone Research Assistant Billede af Alice Schiavone
Anders Søgaard Professor Billede af Anders Søgaard
Andrea Morales Garzón Visiting PhD Student Billede af Andrea Morales Garzón
Anna Katrine van Zee Postdoc Billede af Anna Katrine van Zee
Antonia Karamolegkou PhD Fellow Billede af Antonia Karamolegkou
Arnav Arora PhD Fellow Billede af Arnav Arora
Chen Qiu Visitor Billede af Chen Qiu
Constanza Catalina Fierro Mella PhD Fellow Billede af Constanza Catalina Fierro Mella
Danae Sanchez Villegas Postdoc Billede af Danae Sanchez Villegas
Daniel Hershcovich Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Daniel Hershcovich
Desmond Elliott Associate Professor Billede af Desmond Elliott
Dustin Brandon Wright Postdoc Billede af Dustin Brandon Wright
Erik Arakelyan PhD Fellow Billede af Erik Arakelyan
Greta Warren Postdoc Billede af Greta Warren
Guimin Hu Postdoc Billede af Guimin Hu
Haeun Yu PhD Fellow Billede af Haeun Yu
Ilias Chalkidis Postdoc Billede af Ilias Chalkidis
Ingo Ziegler PhD Fellow Billede af Ingo Ziegler
Isabelle Augenstein Professor Billede af Isabelle Augenstein
Israfel Ali Salazar Reyes PhD Fellow Billede af Israfel Ali Salazar Reyes
Jingyi Sun PhD Fellow Billede af Jingyi Sun
Jonas Færch Lotz Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Jonas Færch Lotz
Karolina Ewa Stanczak Guest Researcher Billede af Karolina Ewa Stanczak
Kirstine Poulsen Nielsen Student FU Billede af Kirstine Poulsen Nielsen
Laura Cabello Piqueras PhD Fellow Billede af Laura Cabello Piqueras
Louise Sandberg Madsen Student FU Billede af Louise Sandberg Madsen
Lovisa Karolina Dagny Hagström Visiting PhD Student Billede af Lovisa Karolina Dagny Hagström
Lukas Christian Nielsen PhD Student Billede af Lukas Christian Nielsen
Marie Jakobine Pøhlmann Jessen Student FU Billede af Marie Jakobine Pøhlmann Jessen
Monorama Swain Postdoc Billede af Monorama Swain
Nadav Borenstein PhD Fellow Billede af Nadav Borenstein
Nicolas Garneau Guest Researcher Billede af Nicolas Garneau
Nikoline Worm Albertsen Student FU Billede af Nikoline Worm Albertsen
Pepa Kostadinova Atanasova Postdoc Billede af Pepa Kostadinova Atanasova
Phillip Rust PhD Fellow Billede af Phillip Rust
Qiwei Peng Postdoc Billede af Qiwei Peng
Ruchira Dhar PhD Student Billede af Ruchira Dhar
Ruixiang Cui PhD Fellow Billede af Ruixiang Cui
Siddhesh Milind Pawar PhD Fellow Billede af Siddhesh Milind Pawar
Stephanie Brandl Postdoc Billede af Stephanie Brandl
Swati Anand Guest Researcher Billede af Swati Anand
Wenyan Li PhD Fellow Billede af Wenyan Li
Yifei Yuan Postdoc Billede af Yifei Yuan