CS4ALL Talks: Bias and inclusiveness in computer science

Women sitting in a auditorium during a lecture

Join us for two inspiring talks, lunch, and discussion and learn about the journey towards more responsible AI based communication. Lunch will be served sponsored by DIKU during the talks.

12:00-12:45: Talk: "Ethical Conversational AI - Searching for the Truth?" by Anne Lauscher, Associate Professor of Data Science at the University of Hamburg. 

12:45-13:30: Talk on inclusiveness in computer science by Jesper Holten from Danish Association of the Blind

13:30-14:00: Discussions  

"Ethical Conversational AI - Searching for the Truth?" by Anne Lauscher

2023 is the year of chatbots: state-of-the-art open-domain conversational AI systems suddenly produce fluent, engaging, and often helpful responses to various user inputs and have quickly reached the broad masses. In the coming years, they will continue to make more and more inroads into our daily lives and become an integral part of our communication. Nevertheless, conversational AI currently has a variety of critical flaws that threaten responsible and societally useful "communication of the future." For example, such systems regularly produce factually incorrect statements, encode and replicate unfair stereotypes, and exclude individuals from culturally and subculturally underrepresented groups. We will discuss some of these (ethical) problems related to conversational AI as well as their causes. The central concept that emerges is the question of "the truth." Based on that, we will exemplify how our research contributes to more responsible AI-based communication.
Anne will give another talk at the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence earlier this day.

Abstract and title of Jesper Holten's talk TBA.

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