(CANCELLED) DIKU Bits: Studying microbes with deep learning


Unfortunately, this DIKUbits has been cancelled. We hope to see you for more DIKUbits lectures in 2024!


Svetlana Kutuzova, postdoc in the Pioneer AI (P1AI) section


Uncovering the microbiome with multimodal deep generative modeling


Can deep learning help us better understand complex microbiomes? Microbes surround us everywhere and have a massive impact on our lives. For example, they inhabit wheat leaves and can make the crops more resistant to drought caused by climate change. I will talk about multimodal deep generative modeling outside of the more usual context of text and visual information. Our deep learning models combine genetic, metabolic, climate and hyperspectral imaging information to deliver insights on how microbes and plants interact, and take us a step closer to guaranteeing food security in the changing world.

Which courses do you teach?

Right now I am not teaching courses but I am available to supervise student projects

Which technology/research/projects/startup are you excited to see the evolution of?

I believe that deep learning has a lot more to offer to biotech startups, especially in the areas of strain design and engineering, and that we will soon see impressive foundation models of microbes metabolism