10 October 2019

Security research in focus at DIKU Alumni Day 2019


More than 100 alumni had signed up for the DIKU Alumni Day 2019 to listen to talks about Security on many levels. But first a general assembly was held to confirm the election of the preliminary Board: Ioana Mogensen (chair), Simon Søe Nissen, Gorm Raabo Larsen and Peter Carstensen were unanimously elected to set the direction for future activities in the new DIKU Alumni society.

DIKU Alumni Day 2019
DIKU Alumni Day 2019

Security is a hot topic, perhaps more than ever - not the least amongst computer scientists. Security can be regarded from many perspectives - from the helicopter or from within a single algorithm. The invited speakers for the alumni day represented many different points of departures of coping with security - from Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen's philosophic, macroeconomic and historic journey through security policy of more centuries over Ken Friis Larsen's introduction to formal methods to Thomas Hildebrandt's ethically designed public case handling systems ending up with Henrik G. Jensen's data scientific approach to predicting security issues in Securitas.

Before diving into these topics, however, Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen initiated the show with his 'obligatory' 'What's new at DIKU' talk, emphasizing i.a. the impressive growth rate of DIKU (11 per cent over 5 years), the succesful introduction of two new CS bachelor programmes (CS and Economy as well as Machine Learning and Data Science) not forgetting to mention the Departments impressive ranking in the European CS Ranking (no 14 in Machine Learning, no 5 in Natural Language Processing and no 3 in Algorithms & Complexity).

The event was live streamed and the talks are available as video clips below under the photos of speakers.

Mads Nielsen holding his intro: What's new at DIKU? (klik for at se video)
Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Dean at the Faculty of Social Science, professor and security policy researcher. On Robots and Generals – Decision-Making in a time of Automated Security (click/tap to see video)
Associate Professor Ken Friis Larsen/ DIKU: The Revolution of Verified Software: How Formal Methods Eliminate Security Bugs in Today's Systems (click to see video)
Thomas Hildebrandt, DIKU-Professor/Head of Section for Software, Data, People & Society: Pro-active Security and Privacy in Computer-supported Case Management
Henrik G. Jensen, Lead Data Scientist at Securitas AB: Risk in time and place - data science in the world's largest security company.