21 June 2019

Overwhelming interest for AI and Blockchain at Fintech symposium

Fintech symposium

More than 350 dedicated Fintech enthusiasts attended the symposium hosted by Copenhagen Fintech, DIKU Business Club and Infinit.

Turing Award Winner Dr. Silvio Micali giving a keynote on blockchain in the borderless economy.
Turing Award Winner Dr. Silvio Micali giving a keynote on blockchain in the borderless economy.

The beautiful Ceremonial Hall of the University of Copenhagen was crowded to the bursting point with researchers and representatives of the business community at the Fintech Symposium 17. June. A clear indication that the interest is bigger than ever to get insights on new achievements and state-of-the-art research. See pictures from the day below.  See videos of talks and panel debates.

The Danish Fintech Sector was richly represented throughout the symposium, where they could learn more about how Artificial Intelligence is increasingly adapted in fintech systems and processes, and - not the least - listen to leading fintech researchers giving insight into new areas of application of AI and Blockchain - in industry as well as in research. E.g. how a car is no longer a bunch of spareparts fitted together, but a fine integreated system of AI aided services that add value for the customer and can be regarded as an economic platform.

Copenhagen Fintech and DIKU Business Club set the tone at the welcome talk

After a passionate welcome by CEO of Copenhagen Fintech, Thomas Krogh Jensen, DIKU's Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen gave a short presentation about the perspectives for development of AI in Denmark. Mads said that Denmark has long held an AI leadership, among other things as a result of the strong tradition of research in Machine Learning back in the 80'ies. The establishment of the University's SCIENCE AI Centre, which is an umbrella for about 100 scientists working actively with AI and ML is just one of the indicators showing that the local research environment is highly active in this area. Soon there will be a National Centre for basic research in AI and the former Government's AI strategy also has high ambitions for AI research in Denmark. Mads stressed that it is now important to get the universities ' research even further out to work in the industry and the business community.

Recognized researchers contributed with state of the art application of AI and Blockchain

The keynote speaker, Turing Award Winner Silvio Micali, Founder of Algorand & Professor at MIT, gave a presentation of  Algorand: Blockchain for the Borderless Economy, and also took part in the panel debate 'From Blockchain Research to Secure & Scalable Financial Infrastructure-How?' In addition, the following speakers contributed with presentations or participation in the panel debates: • Professor Anders Søgaard, DIKU, • Professor Ole Winther, DTU Compute, • Chief AI Officer and co-founder Søren Dahlgaard, SupWiz, • Founder & CEO Mikael Munck, 2021.ai, • Fritz Henglein, Head of Research, Déon Digital & Professor, University of Copenhagen, • Omri Ross, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen & Chief Blockchain Scientist and MD, eToroX Labs, • Bass Spitters, Chief Scientific Advisor, Concordium & Associate Professor, Aarhus The University, • manual Chakravarty, Blockchain Language Architect, IOHK, • Michel Mauny, Board member, Tezos, • Mooly Sagiv CEO, Certora, • Grigore Rosu CEO, Runtime Verification and • Michael Huth CTO, XAIN.

See videos of talks and panel debates

See pictures from the symposium:

Welcome talk by CEO Thomas Krogh Jensen of Copenhagen Fintech


AI Introduction by Mads Nielsen, DIKU Head of Dept., professor and co-founder of SCIENCE AI Centre 
Blockchain introduction by Omri Ross, Chief Blockchain Scientist, KU, and MD, eToroX Labs
AI panel discussion modated by Mads Nielsen. From left: Mikael Munck, 2021.ai,Søren Dahlgaard,
SupWiz, Anders Søgaard, DIKU, and Ole Winther, DTU Compute 
Intro by Fritz Henglein, Head of Research, Deon Digital and Professor, University of Copenhagen
Silvio Micali, Founder of Algorand & Professor at MIT, Turing Award Winner gives keynote talk
Panel Debate: From Blockchain Research to Secure & Scalable Financial Infrastructure – How?
From left: Fritz Henglein, Manuel Chakravarty, Silvio Micali, Bas Spitters, and Michel Mauny
Panel Debate: From Blockchain Infrastructure to Decentralised Applications - How? 
From left: Omri Ross, Mooly Sagiv, Bas Spitters, and Michael Huth
Michel Mauny, Board member, Tezos
Manuel Chakravarty, Blockchain Language Architect, IOHK
Michael Huth, CTO, XAIN
Grigore Rosu, CEO, Runtime Verification
Mooly Sagiv, CEO, Certora
Bas Spitters, Chief Scientific Advisor, Concordium, Associate Professor, Aarhus University