DIKU Business Club

En stand med studerende og repræsentanter fra en virksomhed der snakker sammen

The DIKU Business Club was established in 2009 as a forum for the University’s collaboration with companies interested in recruiting IT and Computer Science students, research collaboration with our researchers or in getting better insights into our research and activities.

As a member of DIKU Business Club you can get access to a number of exclusive membership services.

All premium members are invited to our annual IT career fair held in May. Your membership also gives access to extended employer branding, exclusive membership meetings, contact with our researchers, lecturers and students as well as sparring and help to develop the company through access to innovation networks, research projects and continuing education and professional education.








This membership is for companies with more than 50 employees. You will get:

  • Priority and free guaranteed stand on the annual IT career Day in May, which is visited by approx. 400 students within computer science and related study programmes.
  • An annual meeting for HR managers up to IT career day.
  • The opportunity to offer guest lectures or student projects.
  • The opportunity to communicate job postings to students via DIKU's internal platforms.
  • The opportunity to participate in other employer branding activities, such as matchmaking events on student projects, company visits for students or own events at the university, which the club helps with hosting.
  • Two annual exclusive membership meetings with news about research, teaching, industrial cooperation and/or the department's role in society.
  • Invitations to academic events and webinars on, for example, research collaboration as well as contact with researchers with regard to Research collaboration.
  • Access to make use of targeted continuing education and professional education.

Premium SME

This membership is for companies with fewer than 50 employees. The membership gives access to the same benefits as Premium membership.

Premium Startup

This membership is for young startup companies. We offer a one-year free membership with the same benefits as Premium, so you can test whether a membership is worthwhile for your company.

Free-of-Charge Membership

Companies that for a period of time sponsor hardware, support activities, or contribute to funding of projects at the Department of Computer Science with more than DKK 40,000, will not be charged for their membership, as long as the activity or project contract runs. This may include participation in a research project, engaging in an industrial PhD project, sponsorship of hardware, software, etc.

Virtual Membership

A virtual membership is for companies or individuals who want to keep up-to-date with DIKU Business Club's events and activities or news provided by the Department of Computer Science. We are hosting a number of open events and webinars where also virtual members can participate.

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A membership is valid for one year at a time and is non-terminable for the first 12 months. The contract then runs until one of the parties wishes to terminate the relationship. A membership may be terminated with one month's notice. A notice is given to all members one month prior to renewal.

The business year runs from  July 1st to June 30th. The membership for the coming period is invoiced annually in June.

Membership Target group Prices
Premium Companies with more than 50 employees
DKK 25.000 excl. VAT
Premium SMV/SME
Companies with less than 50 employees
DKK 16.000 excl. VAT
Premium Startup Startup companies The first year is free of charge
Virtual Everyone who is interested, including individuals Free of charge

If your company participates in a research project with the Department of Computer Science or in other ways sponsors projects or activities, e.g. an industrial PhD, software or hardware for students or staff corresponding to DKK 40,000, the company will not pay for the membership, as long as the project or activity is in process.

A virtual membership is free of charge. You become a virtual member by joining DIKU Business Clubs membership group on  LinkedIn.

Become a member of DIKU Business Club

























DIKU Business Club hosts a number of different events – both exclusive membership events and open events where everyone can participate.

Member events

Premium members are invited to a number of exclusive events. In addition to the annual IT Career Day, we arrange 2-3 exclusive events for different target groups amongst our member companies.

One is mainly for recruiters providing updates on our study programs, possibilities of collaboration about student projects and about employer branding possibilities

One is mainly for R&D staff or decision makers, providing updates on new research and possibilities of collaboration about research projects.

Moreover, we arrange more targeted events about specific topics.

Open Events


DIKU Business Club hosts or co-hosts a number of open events throughout the year, open to all interested parties. This could be research lectures, webinars or the annual Alumni day.

Co-hosted events may be in collaboration with, for example, the innovation clusters, other universities or major conferences such as the Digital Tech Summit in 2021, where members of DIKU Business Club get a 10% discount as exhibitors or conference participants.

Check out our Event calendar to see our upcoming events.