Meet our students

Studerende snakker

Get closer to our students

As a member of DIKU Business Club we help your company to get in touch with students from our three computer science degree programs as well as a number of related it degree programs via events, collaboration, projects, communication of job postings and employer branding.


As a member of DIKU Business Club your company will have an opportunity to brand yourselves towards the students at the University of Copenhagen:

  • Your logo is placed on DIKU’s website with a link to your website or career site.
  • Access to the University of Copenhagen  Job bank UCPH Project and Job to advertise positions and project opportunities.
  • Targeted communicating to DIKU’s students about your (study) jobs, project opportunities, internships, etc.
  • Get help to facilitate your own events at the university (we will help you book rooms and advertise the event to students).
  • Invitations to different types of branding opportunities, for example in the field of new students, the production of film and marketing material and events on project collaboration organized by the faculty.




As a company, you can invite a student to do different types of project collaboration. These projects may take place on a different scale and at times during the study programme. The advantage for the company will be that you get to know one or more students on a non-binding basis, but that the relationship can lead to later employment.

  • A project in practice (=virksomhedsprojekt) is part of the curriculum that the student can choose. It combines the student’s wish to work in practice with solving an assignment that the company has, and which also matches a student's desire to work with an academic challenge in practice. The project can be carried out as a full-time project in one block (a quarter of a year) or as a part-time project in two blocks (a half year), where the student earns academic credits (ECTS). Company projects are most common during the 2nd and 3rd year of the bachelor programme and can be commenced four times a year, following the quarterly study calendar at Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) at the University of Copenhagen. Most popular is the spring semester of the student's third year.

  • A bachelor's project can be written in collaboration with a company as a full-time project in one block or as a part-time project of two blocks.

  • A master's project can be written with a student in the first year of the Master's degree programme. It is not bound to the block structure and is remunerated by ECTS credits

  • A master's thesis may also be written with a host organisation. It takes six months and gives the student 30 ECTS credits.

We are currently working on developing a system that can support matchmaking between students at DIKU's study programmes, supervisors and companies. In the meantime, we refer to KU Projekt og Job, which is a joint portal for University of Copenhagen, where you can post project proposals for free. Select Companies in the top menu and follow the instructions.

As a student at UCPH, you can apply for projects broadly in KU Projekt og Job on, for example, your field of study, subject or type of project. If you search for the word DIKU, you will see projects that are targeted at DIKU students.