28 November 2019

New project will improve the integration of programming in primary school

new grant

With a grant of approx. DKK 5.5 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the new interdisciplinary Center for Digital Education in collaboration with Aarhus University and EduLab will improve the understanding of how math teachers can create synergies between programming, computational thinking and mathematical digital competencies in primary school.


In the 21st century, being a digital consumer is not enough. The ability to program and be a digital creator is a crucial feature for children and young people. Denmark and many other countries are already implementing PCT (Programming and Computational Thinking) in primary school to prepare students for a reality where computational and data-driven methods are paramount.

The new project aims to create a better understanding of the relationship between mathematics education and PCT and, on this basis, develop resources, solutions and organisational strategies on how to implement PCT in Danish primary schools in the best way.

In the new project, the implementation of PCT in Denmark will be compared with Sweden and the UK and these insights will be combined with design experiments aimed at developing teaching activities. Finally, a digital platform will be developed that contains resources to support both mathematics education and math teachers' competence development.

Facts about the project