Omics biomarkers and an approach for their practical implementation to delineate health status for personalized nutrition strategies

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  • Jaap Keijer
  • Xavier Escoté
  • Sebastià Galmés
  • Andreu Palou-March
  • Francisca Serra
  • Ella J Baker
  • Philip C Calder
  • Joanna Góralska
  • Urszula Razny
  • Malgorzata Malczewska-Malec
  • David Suñol
  • Mar Galofré
  • Miguel A Rodríguez
  • Núria Canela
  • Radu G. Malcic
  • Montserrat Bosch
  • Claudia Favari
  • Pedro Mena
  • Daniele Del Rio
  • Antoni Caimari
  • Biotza Gutierrez
  • Josep M. del Bas
Personalized nutrition (PN) has gained much attention as a tool for empowerment of consumers to promote changes in dietary behavior, optimizing health status and preventing diet related diseases. Generalized implementation of PN faces different obstacles, one of the most relevant being metabolic characterization of the individual. Although omics technologies allow for assessment the dynamics of metabolism with unprecedented detail, its translatability as affordable and simple PN protocols is still difficult due to the complexity of metabolic regulation and to different technical and economical constrains. In this work, we propose a conceptual framework that considers the
dysregulation of a few overarching processes, namely Carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, inflammation, oxidative stress and microbiota-derived metabolites, as the basis of the onset of several non-communicable diseases. These processes can be assessed and characterized by specific sets of proteomic, metabolomic and genetic markers that minimize operational constrains and maximize the information obtained at the individual level. Current machine learning and data analysis methodologies allow the development of algorithms to integrate omics and genetic markers. Reduction of dimensionality of variables facilitates the implementation of omics and genetic information in digital tools. This framework is exemplified by presenting the EU-Funded project PREVENTOMICS as a use case.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCritical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 19 Apr 2023

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  • Faculty of Science - Biomarkers, Diet, Health, Omics, Personalized nutrition

ID: 344651235