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Jakob Grue Simonsen

Jakob Grue Simonsen


Current research

Development of programming languages for computation in computers at the molecular level; application of machine learning and natural language processing to the characterization of user perception of the usability of software; visualization of large sets of program source code and their execution; operatioan (working!) software implementation of existing theoretical results concerning computations involving potentially infinite data structures.


Primary fields of research

Mathematical characterization of computability and complexity, particularly concerning computations involving infinite structures (as happens frequently in mathematics and physics). The goal of this research area is to unearth "natural laws" that describe what can be done--and cannot be done--using computers; such natural laws will hold regardless of the concrete computational frameworks, machines and programming paradigms.

A recent research focus of mine is the application of methods from the natural sciences and computer technology to human-computer interaction, and to more traditional fields of research in the humanities.


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