23. juni 2020

New webinar series: Computer Science's Impact for Industry


Computer science’s impact on different industries is the focus of a new series of webinars by DIKU Business Club. The first topic touched upon how sensitive, big health data can be best protected and stressed that smart medical devices have the potential to be killer devices for hackers.

Logo for the webinar series.

What are the challenges of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector and how do we mitigate the risks? This was one of the many questions that a panel of four health security experts dived into at the first “Impact for Industry”-webinar.

This webinar was the first in a series of six webinars from DIKU Business Club running the rest of 2020 focusing on themes within computer science that has an impact on the industry.

Topics will be announced and can be such as the Gaming Industry, Food Industry/Tracking/Blockchain, Fintech, Energy - intelligent energy systems, and Image Analysis for the health sector/hospitals.