Extended Reality

We are a group of researchers studying and teaching extended and virtual reality (XR/VR/AR) at the Department of Computer Science. Our research includes designing interaction techniques for XR, developing methods to evaluate user interfaces for XR, and experimental studies about human–computer interaction with XR. 


An overview of research projects related to the XR group.

XR collaboratory at the AI Pioneer Centre

We are part of the XR collaboratory at the AI Pioneer Centre.

Movement Learning in Virtual Reality.

This project is lead by Mark Schram Christensen and Joanna Bergström. It is funded by the Data+ pool from UCPH and by DFF.

Augmenting vision by combining augmented reality with models of visual attention

This project is lead by Søren Kyllingsbæk and Kasper Hornbæk. It is funded by Villum Synergy from VILLUM FONDEN.

Quantifying Body Ownership in Virtual Reality: Bridging Experimental Psychology and Data Science

The project is a data+ grant awarded to Kasper Hornbæk and Guido Makransky


We educate XR through PhD Courses and Summer schools and graduate and undergraduate courses at UCPH. 

Virtual Reality course

The Virtual Reality course is offered at the Department of Computer Science. The course is targeted to 3rd year BSc students, and is an elective course in two study programmes: Computer Science, and Cognitive and Data Science BSc programmes (Department of Psychology). In addition, many international exchange students and students from the CS MSc programme, as well as students from other departments take the course every year.

Summer school 

A CHI adjunct Summer School on XR is planned for the 2-5th May 2023. More information to follow.


We are happy to supervise student projects (e.g., project outside course scope, BSc, and MSc thesis projects) on XR. Please feel free to reach out directly to the researchers listed below working in VR if you have an idea for a project or a thesis proposal.


The Presence Lab is an infrastructure grant awarded by the Carlsberg Foundation to Kasper Hornbæk

The presence lab

One person using VR equipment in the presence lab, another person by their side


We connect and collaborate with research groups across the Faculties of Science, Social Sciences, Health, and Humanities at UCPH. We also connect with Aarhus University and IT University of Copenhagen, as well as Danish industry through the XR Collaboratory of the AI Pioneer Center


Explore some of our results in these publications:

Thomas van Gemert, Kasper Hornbæk, & Joanna Bergström (2022): "Step on it: asymmetric gain functions improve starting and stopping in virtual reality walking".

Jonas Schjerlund, Kasper Hornbæk, & Joanna Bergström (2022): "OVRlap: Perceiving Multiple Locations Simultaneously to Improve Interaction in VR".

Joanna Bergström, Tor-Salve Dalsgaard, Jason Alexander, & Kasper Hornbæk (2021): "How to Evaluate Object Selection and Manipulation in VR? Guidelines from 20 Years of Studies".










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Cleo Xiao PhD Fellow Billede af Cleo Xiao
Difeng Yu Postdoc Billede af Difeng Yu
Jonathan Caleb Sutton Postdoc Billede af Jonathan Caleb Sutton
Kasper Hornbæk Professor Billede af Kasper Hornbæk
Mantas Cibulskis PhD Fellow Billede af Mantas Cibulskis
Søren Kyllingsbæk Professor Billede af Søren Kyllingsbæk
Teresa Hirzle Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Teresa Hirzle
Tor-Salve Dalsgaard Postdoc Billede af Tor-Salve Dalsgaard