Hugo Andrés López

Hugo Andrés López


I am a researcher in computer science with experience in Formal Methods, Distributed Systems, and Business Process Management. I mainly specialise in process-oriented technologies, their theoretical formalisation (process calculi), their formal verification, their adoption via software tools (software engineering), and their empirical validation. I do this using a cross-disciplinary and a cross-sectorial approach. In addition, I led the technology transfer of these academic efforts into tools at our industrial partner (DCR Solutions), whose technology currently supports the Danish Central Government institutions. My research objectives involve the maturing of a new generation of process technologies that can adapt to citizen needs, while still be compliant with regulations and laws. Such technologies should have a digital component, in terms of software tools that support the digitalization of work processes. Finally, technologies should be understandable, even for people that do not have a computer science background.


Active Research Fields:

  • Business Process Management (Languages, Tools, Human Factors)
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages (Programming Language Design and Verification)
  • Distributed Systems
  • Applications of AI in modelling, in particular, Natural Language Processing

More information on my personal page: 

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