Collaboration and Working Environment Committee

The committee is DIKU's joint body for handling collaboration issues, safety and health matters as well as working environment. The committee consists of the head of department, the head of administration and selected representatives among researchers and administrative staff.

Contact: Jonas Bilsted Probst, Head of Economy and Interim Head of Administration

Research Committee

The Committee advises the Head of the Department on the department's research strategy as well as initiatives that can attract external research grants and strengthen research collaboration with private as well as public organisations. The committee consists of the head of department, the deputy head department for research, the head of the research administration and the six heads of section.

Contact: Pernille Bjørn, Deputy Head of Department for Research

Teaching Committee

The committee works to strengthen the quality of teaching and advises the head of department on the strategic development in the field of teaching, course coordination and development as well as the handling of course evaluations and course offerings at DIKU. Finally, the committee is working on strengthening student retention and implementation. The committee consists of the deputy head of department for teaching, the heads of studies, teachers and students.

Contact: Martin Lillholm, Deputy Head of Department for Teaching

Communication Committee

The committee discusses, develops, prioritises and evaluates DIKU's communication efforts regarding recruitment, research dissemination, business communication and internal communication. The committee consists of the head of department, the communication team and representatives among researchers and heads of studies.

Contact: Tina Virenfeldt Kristensen, Communication Consultant