Executive Management

DIKU's Executive Management consists of the head of department, deputy head of department for research, deputy head of department of teaching and the head of administration.


DIKU's Management consists of the Executive Management as well as all head of sections.

Portrait of Jakob Grue Simonsen

Head of Department

Jakob Grue Simonsen

Portrait of Pernille Bjørn

Deputy Head of Department for Research

Pernille Bjørn

Portrait of Ken Friis Larsen

Deputy Head of Department for Teaching

Ken Friis Larsen
Associate Professor

Portrait of Katja Thorseth

Interim Head of Administration and Head of Labs & Services

Katja Thorseth
Chief Consultant

Portrait of Ann Steendahl Søndergaard

Head of Study Administration

Ann Steendahl Søndergaard
Chief Consultant

Portrait of Camilla Lillholm-Jørgensen

Head of Research Administration

Camilla Lillholm-Jørgensen
Chief Consultant

Portrait of Anders Pall Skött

Head of Business & Innovation

Anders Pall Skött
Chief Consultant

Portrait of Tina Virenfeldt Kristensen

Head of Secretariat

Tina Virenfeldt Kristensen
Chief Consultant

Portrait of Mikkel Thorup

Head of Algorithms and Complexity (AC) Section

Mikkel Thorup
Professor, Head of Basic Algorithms Research Copenhagen (BARC)

Portrait of Kasper Hornbæk

Head of Human-Centred Computing (HCC) Section

Kasper Hornbæk

Portræt af Kenny Erleben

Head of Image Analysis, Computational Modelling and Geometry (IMAGE) Section

Kenny Erleben
Associate Professor

Portrait of Yevgeny Seldin

Head of Machine Learning (ML) Section

Yevgeny Seldin

Portrait of Isabelle Augenstein

Head of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Section

Isabelle Augenstein

Portrait of Martin Elsman

Head of Programming Languages and Theory of Computing (PLTC) Section

Martin Elsman

Portrait of Dmitriy Traytel

Head of the Software, Data, People & Society (SDPS) section

Dmitriy Traytel
Associate Professor

Portrait of Stefan Horst Sommer

Head of the Pioneer AI (P1AI) section

Stefan Horst Sommer