Data Management Systems (DMS)

The Data Management Systems (DMS) Lab conducts computer systems research in areas emerging with new challenges in data management. Projects include design of spatial databases, scalable data streaming, actor database systems and in-memory databases, graph analysis systems, and cloud computing deployments. 

The group is keen on validating their work experimentally -- we love writing code, which is not to say that our love for the blackboard is in any way diminished. :-)

When conducting our work we usually resort to one or more of the following:

  • Abstractions & Languages
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Indexing & Data Structures
  • System Implementation & Design
  • Statistics & Prediction
  • Parallelism & Distribution

You can learn about our work in detail through our publications.

The group is leading the organization of the EDBT/ICDT 2020 Joint Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please do not miss out on the opportunity to join us for this exciting event! 



Name Title Phone E-mail
Liang, Yuan PhD student   E-mail
Liu, Yijian PhD student   E-mail
Luo, Ziming PhD student   E-mail
Nunes Laigner, Rodrigo PhD fellow +45 353-27137 E-mail
Quan, Li PhD fellow +45 353-33027 E-mail
Vaz Salles, Marcos António Associate professor +45 23 83 99 58 E-mail
Wang, Yiwen Research assistant   E-mail
Zhou, Yongluan Professor +45 29 88 31 68 E-mail
Zuckmantel, Tilman   E-mail