Research Groups

The research in the SDPS Section is organized in research groups and labs, which often also involves researchers from other sections. The groups focus on the foundations, technologies and methods for data management systems, distributed software and systems, performance programming, process modelling & intelligence, security & privacy, computer supported cooperative work and health IT. Details on the work, members and projects can be found at the web pages of the individual groups.

Decentralized Systems

We research and develop foundations, technology and applications of efficient and secure networked/distributed computer systems controlled by multiple independent principals.  This includes blockchain and distributed ledger technology, event-driven architectures, large-scale transaction processing and analytics (Big Data), streaming and real-time data processing, domain-specific languages embodying domain knowledge and deep computer science techniques, digital and smart contract technology, and more.

Security & Privacy

We work primarily on software-based security and privacy preservation techniques and applications. Emerging research topics are quantum cryptography and compositional safety and security models for industrial systems. (More info about the group TBA)