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Henning Pohl

Henning Pohl


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    Most interactive systems today are designed under the assumption of focused and engaged users. However, users might want to engage less with their devices for many different reasons: e.g., because they are tired, want to signal their full attention to others, or are lazy. I'm interested in how to design and build systems for such more casual interactions. With interactive devices permeating more and more of our life and surroundings, how not to be overloaded by the respective interactions is a challenge. I see giving users a way to scale back their engagement and be more casual as a way to empower them to stay more in control of their life. This poses questions of how interactions change and adapt according to uncertainty, intend, or engagement. In my work I have approached this in areas such as whole body interaction, around device interaction, haptic and subtle feedback, text input, and natural user interfaces.

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