Sarah Frances Homewood

Sarah Frances Homewood

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

I am situated within the field of interaction design and human computer interaction. My research explores how we use technologies to track our bodies. I am interested in how the ways that these technologies are designed communicates societal perspectives on our bodies. I also explore how using these technologies changes our experience of our bodies at a fundamental level. I have conducted research in areas such as fertility tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, gut-health and wearable technologies. 

My research methods include research-through-design where knowledge is produced through producing physical prototypes that propose alternative futures. My design work is often informed by theories such as feminism and phenomenology. Before moving into the field of human computer interaction I worked as a contemporary dancer. This background informs my research interests in the body and methods using my own experience as a research tool through methods such as auto-ethnography. 

I previously completed a PhD and post-doc at the IT University of Copenhagen. 

ID: 257451195