Research Themes

Our research themes range from theoretical analyses, over algorithm development, to solving concrete problems for science, industry, and society within image analysis and processing, computer vision, computer simulation, numerical optimization, machine learning, computational modeling, geometry, and geometric statistics.

  • Medical and Biological Imaging

    Our focus in the Medical and Biological theme is on advancing the field of medical and biological imaging by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. We encompass two areas: Medical Image Analysis (MIA) and Biological Imaging (BI). MIA focuses on the analysis of medical images for neuroimaging, breast cancer screening, and pulmonary imaging, and quantifying pathological changes through imaging biomarkers. BI creates and studies structural and functional images of living objects and supports research at Danish microscope facilities and large-scale imaging facilities for industrial and clinical applications.

  • Computer Vision, Robotics, Graphics and Simulation

    By combining computer vision, machine learning, and simulation, the CV, Robotics, Graphics and Simulation theme works to advance the field of computational intelligence. We specialize in the development of algorithms for image and video analysis, control of robotic manipulation and locomotion, and numerical methods for simulations and modelling in areas such as gaming, visualization, and biomechanics. Our collaborative efforts drive the progress to advance the field of computational intelligence.
  • Mathematical Imaging and Applied Geometry

    In the Mathematical Imaging and Applied Geometry theme we specialize in mathematical imaging and applied geometry to tackle complex problems with innovative and effective solutions. Our expertise is divided into two areas: Mathematical Imaging (MI) and Applied Geometry (AG). MI specializes in modelling and numerical methods for nonlinear statistics, variational problems, and geometry on manifolds and metric spaces, with applications in 3D tomographic reconstruction, airway trees, brain images, morphological analysis, and functional imaging data analysis. AG develops mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of evolutionary trees, exploring the selection of different traits through time.

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